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  1. EvKrev

    The Education of Jesus VS Lucifer and The Morning Star Venus

    People are being deceived into thinking Lucifer is the morning star, and that Lucifer is even Jesus, when he isn't, and I have proven this using scripture in my video below. People are being deceived into thinking the day star Venus, is Lucifer, and some search results even say Venus is a woman...
  2. Betho_br

    Was the Father's will always subordinate to the Son's will?

    Matthew 26:42-43 King James Version The scene underscores Jesus' submission to the Father's will and his redemptive sacrifice. This event is central to Christian theology, representing Jesus' surrender into the hands of soldiers as part of the divine plan for humanity's redemption. Matthew...
  3. rrohena

    God bless all in this forum

    Hello, Glad to be able to be here and thanks to the Creator Lord Jesus to allow me to spread His message. Hope for everyone to enjoy this Christmas safely and full of joy, remembering that the biggest gift you can receive is to allow our Lord to be within your heart. God bless you.
  4. J

    Humans are not alive and don't feel anything .

    What is a human ? A human is a formed set of defining words that are hosted by a sentient being . When an infant is born , that infant isn't a human , it is instead an animal that has no formed humanity . Humans are formed within the host and are not subject to any feelings but can experience...
  5. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Why would somebody willingly become a Satanist?

    Satan tempted Jesus to eat rocks. That is what a 3-year old tries to do to their parents. Like what kind of mindset do Satanists have? I just don't see it. Why do Satanists believe that Satan is better in their view to God? Why do many, but not all, Satanists get absurd amounts of tattoos and...
  6. Mr. Ed

    Taken me a lifetime to believe as I do and I still have questions

    Why do Christians primarily follow Jesus instead of god? While god may be in the house, most prayers and worship services praise the good news of Jesus from the new testament. During my days at church I felt praying to Jesus was a waste of time there praying to god made better sense to me...
  7. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Jesus - Liar, Lunatic, Lord, Legend or Lost?

    Lewis's trilemma - Wikipedia I know, I know, there's a lot of threads out there that are already like this. But I wanted to make a specific poll that asks people this specific question. I am not looking to proselytize anyone. I am not even a Christian. There is a saying that Evangelicals using...
  8. Harel13

    New algorithm being developed for discovering Josephus's sources

    https://www.israelhayom.co.il/magazine/hashavua/article/13196308 I'm sorry this article is in Hebrew. I was unable to find one in English. And it's a few weeks old, but I only thought of making a thread on it today... There's a team of researchers in Israel who are well on their way in...
  9. Exaltist Ethan

    CHRISTIANS ONLY: Trinitarian Christianity - Monotheistic or Polytheistic?

    I am confident in saying that Christians view themselves as monotheistic. Whether they are Unitarian or trinitarian Christians, all Christians see themselves with the belief of one God. Trinitarians, which make up the vast majority of Christianity, see God in three forms: The Father, The Son and...
  10. S

    7 Thunders and Eternal Life

    Seems like someone has finally cracked open the 7 Thunders. What happens now? This is an odd interpretation of what it means to give everyone 666. Past, present, future: Mankind created on day 6, and of the 7 kings, 5 are fallen, 1 is, and 1 is yet to come. (Revelation 17) The king that is...
  11. Harel13

    Jesus as an antithesis to Passover

    A number of recent posts related to Jesus rising on Easter or the like made me realize that this would make Jesus kind of the opposite of one of the main ideas of Passover, which is ironic because Christians consider him to be the ultimate Passover lamb. Let me explain: During Passover, Jews...
  12. Brickjectivity

    Homosexuality does not signal end times or destruction

    I reply to a currently featured thread that Matthew 22:30 not related to homosexuality at all. Homosexuality is not a signal of end times, not in any context that I can find. Even if you believe Jesus as a man returns physically, like aa one single man and that the righteous are each...
  13. 101G

    The Plurality of God, The First and the Last

    To understand God’s Plurality, the question that must be asked, “is it in persons, as other members of the Godhead, or is it within his OWN-SELF as his own EQUAL SHARE of himself. the bible is clear, we can KNOW the Godhead, scripture, Romans 1:19 "Because that which may be known of God is...
  14. Repox

    Jesus Hypotheses: Son of God or God?

    In science, empirical evidence is required to prove a hypothesis. And for a hypothesis to be proven there must be irrefutable evidence. As for a Jesus hypothesis, I propose two of them. One, the tradition belief, is Jesus was the son of God. This hypothesis conflicts with another hypotheses that...
  15. Brickjectivity

    Israel as Jesus and as Job, Resurrection Equal to Repentance

    The first account of Israel's resurrection is in the prophet Ezekiel. "Then he said to me: "Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel. They say, 'Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.' Therefore prophesy and say to them: 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: My...
  16. Leahpolitan_icecream

    Why did God become a man and not a woman in Jesus in Christian teachings?

    Title question :) I just was wondering about this today Also how did they find out God's pronoun before Jesus?
  17. Leahpolitan_icecream

    Jesus allows no divorce for his followers why?

    Title question :) But why did he do this? I skipped to the Gospels in my bible read through which is exciting but some things Jesus did I didn't like, this is one Overall he seems nice, but Jews kill him even though he acts like their leader they always wanted? I don't like Peter he is too...
  18. firedragon

    What Jesus said! Jesus Himself? How, What and where?

    Muslims, Bahai's, Christians, Some Hindus, and even a few Jews, quote sayings of Jesus as if they are historical sayings of Jesus himself. Of course most Christians would definitely believe the New Testament has his sayings in some form or another. Some believe they are absolutely verbatim...
  19. The Crimson Universe


    Where did the wandering men (the followers of Jesus who left their homes) poop in those times and with what did they clean their rear end?
  20. Ehav4Ever

    Why Torah based Jews would be unconvinced

    "If that is what you consider to be true then why does it matter to you what we Jews say?" That is the question I often want to ask when threads are started as if they are asking questions to Jews when instead what is being posted is a statement or manifesto. That is not to say that some people...