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7 Thunders and Eternal Life

Discussion in 'Biblical Debates' started by SoulBlazer, May 27, 2022.

  1. SoulBlazer

    SoulBlazer New Member

    May 27, 2022
    Seems like someone has finally cracked open the 7 Thunders. What happens now?

    This is an odd interpretation of what it means to give everyone 666. Past, present, future: Mankind created on day 6, and of the 7 kings, 5 are fallen, 1 is, and 1 is yet to come. (Revelation 17) The king that is refers to humanity, if the door to church 6, Philadelphia, brotherly love, refers to Matthew 24, "If you did it to the least, you did it to me."


    I don't know the theology well enough to say. To us, Jesus seems like a rendition of the Serpent in Genesis 3:4 "You shall not surely die," where in John 3:14 "As Moses Lift up the Serpent so must the son of man be lifted up, that whoever believes on him has Eternal Life."

    There is no Eternal Life in the Old Testament. Isaiah 65 and 66 offer long lifespans "The sinner will be old at age 100, but the righteous will be still be a child," but these New Testament ideas taught by Jesus, such as "Those who inherit that age cannot die anymore," or Apostle Paul's "This mortal must put on Immortality," are not compatible with the OT and don't make logical sense. The most one could do with Science is stop the aging process.

    Revelation 9 "people will seek death, and death will flee from them," makes this eternal life offered by Jesus, and/or the Serpent on the Cross, offering his flesh and blood as forbidden fruit, seem all the more ominous. The Angel in Revelation says "The Waters are Peoples, Multitudes, Nations, and Tongues." Then the plagues "The waters became as a dead man, and they were given blood to drink," The people became as Christ and drank the Eucharist.

    I mean I like Jesus, and I like most of his teachings, but in Psalm 91 The Messiah cannot be harmed. GOD reigns over the whole Earth, I just wish he'd create a paradise instead of giving us the terrible day of the lord. JOB complains, "the righteous suffer and the wicked prosper."

    Anyways, I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Could the 7 Thunders really be something as simple as crucifying Christ, word of God, within the English Language itself?


    No where that I am aware of is YHWH referred to as PI begotten by 7.


    The argument here is that Strong Angel means Inanimate. Seems this angel struggles with his purpose so much he has to lock it in by swearing an Oath that there should be time no longer. Didn't Christ instruct us not to swear Oaths at all. I guess we are safe so long as he doesn't swear the Oath to lock it in, of course no one has any real power but GOD.

    Revelation 10 has taken this imagery from Daniel 11, where the Angel raises up his hand. It directly precedes Daniel 12 and the Return of Michael with the Resurrection.


    This is taken from some kind of Gematria site. Bible Wheel I think.


    Is Jesus supposed to be the Serpent of Moses on the pole? I don't get what this is supposed to mean since, as I understand it, the Mark of the Beast is injected into the skin.

    What is the Royal Key of David the Revelation says that Jesus has? Does anyone know?
  2. dybmh

    dybmh Terminal Optimist

    Jan 6, 2019
    Each of these derivations seem far fetched to me. Not one of them is a "slam dunk". They're all contrived, imho. Thank you for sharing none the less.

    URAVIP2ME Veteran Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    What is the Royal Key of David..... that Jesus has? Does anyone know ?
    Try: www.jw.org