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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Basic Theology

    Theism/Atheism - Belief in God axis. Gnosticism/Agnosticism - Knowledge of God axis. Pistevism/Apistevism - Faith in God axis. I'm really having fun making these polls in Interfaith and poking at the brains here in RF. Similar to my theology poll, this poll doesn't name specific theological...
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    Asking Questions and Not Taking it All So Seriously

    Howdy! I just thought I’d share some thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. I’ve been fascinated with religion most of my life but for a long time it was purely academic. I was an atheist after I left Islam and remained as such for quite a while. I would debate people about the existence...
  3. ronki23

    The thing I respect about Islam

    Every Muslim I know believes in God / Allah. Whether it be through social media or Dawah, they honestly believe the Universe was created by someone. Maybe 3 Muslims I know drink alcohol and don't fast on Ramadan, and 1 eats pork, but they never renounced Islam despite flaunting the rules. I also...
  4. Kooky

    Theists, how do you worship your God(s)?

    I'm interested in learning what "worship" means to you guys, gals and enbies. What is worship to you? Is it a specific act, an attitude? Is it a special event, or something you do every day, or every moment? What acts or methods do you employ when you engage in worship? Is it something you do...
  5. AlexanderG

    What we mean by "there is no evidence for theism"

    At its core, this topic boils down what is meant by "evidence." I define evidence as "Anything that lets us reliably differentiate between ideas that are merely imaginary, and ideas that accurately describe reality." So, if you propose some method, framework, or argument as evidence, but that...
  6. M

    The 2nd law of thermodynamics is not evidence of God

    Apologist William Lane Craig argues the 2nd law of thermodynamics is evidence the universe had an absolute beginning. And whatever begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause. This cause must be non-spatio-temporal and non-material since all that...
  7. questfortruth

    Truth as God of Science

    Science is not going to change just because you want it so badly. Because Science is like a proud beautiful lady, like the one in the clip "Roxy Music -- Avalon'' YouTube. Established proud beings are of eternalvalue, they cannot be changing against their will: "Sophie Ellis Bextor - Won't...
  8. questfortruth

    Paradox of Omnipotence

    Can God create stone, which He can not lift? Answer: no, Omnipotent One can not make such stone because it is suicide. Latter is sin. Any sin is an act of non-existence. Because sin is emptiness, the absence of any meaning. Thus, God of Existence and living does only existent actions. The satan...
  9. questfortruth

    Sense of the Atheism

    DEFINITION "Atheism is in the broadest sense an absence of belief in the existence of deities. Less broadly, atheism is a rejection of the belief that any deities exist. In an even narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities." (Wikipedia 2021 with references)...
  10. questfortruth

    Was atheism invented?

    If God was invented by priests, then godlessness was invented by atheists? How is it better then? An atheist Bob might reply: "By analogy, smokers have invented smoking; and who then has invented non-smoking? Non-smokers, maybe?" Me in reply: "Non-smoking as well as a sober lifestyle was...
  11. MikeF

    Call to abandon Atheism

    I know this will be hard to sell, but I'm going to try. From our earliest Paleolithic ancestors, the unknown has always been framed under a paradigm in which the presumption has been there is a sentience, a mover, behind observations humans have been unable to explain. From questions about how...
  12. questfortruth

    Weakness of God's proofs, and incompleteness theorem

    INTRODUCTION Colin McLarty, ``What does it take to prove Fermat's last theorem? Grothendieck and the logic of number theory,'' Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 16(3), 359-377 (2010). MY CONTRIBUTION \begin{abstract} I argue, that a good paper with good proof can contain weak spots. So the...
  13. chinu

    What kind of person are you ?

    Please select the answer from the poll and explain what makes you so. So, that anybody here on "RF" could ask you any follow-up question if they want to, thank you.
  14. firedragon

    What is your top-notch argument for the existence of God?

    Varying theologies and religions have diverse concepts of a God. As a theist, what would be your number one argument for the existence of God? Of course the response to this would naturally beg for a definition of what you think God is. Is he a transcended God, is he a man, is he a pantheistic...
  15. questfortruth

    Is God proven in Theism, for there is dogma of His Existence?

    To prove something means to demonstrate, that the God agrees with you, as the knowledge of a human is the knowledge, which holds his God. The God of Knowledge. To prove God to God is easy; and so, from the fact that God is proven for theists, and for atheists the God is not debunked, it follows...
  16. SalixIncendium

    Neither a Theist nor an Atheist Be?

    I stumbled across this statement whilst puttering around teh interwebz. "There is, however, no "not atheist nor theist". Anyone who actively believes there is a god is a theist. Anyone who does not (even if they consider the question "unknowable" or the like), is an atheist. There is not any...
  17. Israel Khan

    The Great Architect of the Universe

    Many, by observing nature, see it as extremely complex and orderly. And they use the analogy, that since we do not know of anything in the world that looks designed but isn't designed, then there must be a design behind creation. Also we know that in the real world " nothing comes from nothing"...
  18. firedragon

    What evidence would convince a theist that God doesn't exist?

    There are debates on Gods existence. I believe that a lot of these debates commit the burden of proof fallacy. For example, when a theist opens the debate by saying "I believe God exists, unless you prove he doesn't" and to be fair when an atheist opens by saying "I dont believe God exists...
  19. stvdv

    To know God/Truth: Both Atheism and Theism seem limited

    When asked about God: Theists claim "I believe in God" Atheist claim "I lack believe in God" Sages remain "Silent" Fact is that Theists don't know about God, else they would have claimed "I know that God exists" ** Fact is that Atheists don't know about God, else they would have claimed "I know...
  20. A

    Do you have any purely logical objections to Divine Command Theory?

    It seems most of the objections people make to Divine Command Theory (DCT) rest completely on its uncomfortable implications. For example, Sam Harris argues that if DCT is true, then if Muslim terrorists have the right god, what they're doing is good, but this is just an appeal to emotion and so...