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Last Activity:
May 4, 2019
Oct 5, 2010
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Dec 19, 1979 (Age: 40)
Bathinda-151005, Punjab, India.
Business (Jewellery)


Businessman., Male, 40, from Bathinda-151005, Punjab, India.

chinu was last seen:
May 4, 2019
    1. 'mud
      thanx for the like...I guess you're really familiar with idols, aren't you ?

      I have none...except the Stuff all around me...especially the butterflies !
    2. 'mud
      wow....good answer.....wow
    3. 'mud
      wow I am lucky....this one came from you !!!!
      I feel somehow honored.
      How's it going sport, chessman that you are.
      So thanks for the like
    4. Curious George
      Curious George
      Haven't seen you in a while. Glad you are still around.

      1. chinu likes this.
      2. chinu
        Thanks for remembering your friend :)
        Sep 15, 2015
        Curious George likes this.
    5. Willamena
      I have been on two cruises, friend Chinu, one in the Mediterranean and one in Australia.
      1. chinu likes this.
    6. apophenia
      I'm good brother. Love to you
      1. chinu likes this.
    7. Estro Felino
      Estro Felino
      Thanks for all your likes in my album. :-)
      1. chinu likes this.
    8. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Thanks b for the mile stone frubal
      1. chinu likes this.
    9. Smart_Guy
      Hello, my new friend :D
    10. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Was my dinner last night. Lol. I meant to post a link to my reply to you.
    11. Iti oj
      Iti oj
      Broccoli Rabe, Carrot, and Radicchio Salad Recipe | Martha Stewart
    12. 4consideration
      Thank you for the frubal, chinu. It was nice to see those pictures of the two of you. :)
    13. nameless
      Chinu Ji. I am good. How about you?
    14. savagewind
      Thank you chinu
    15. Draupadi
      LOL thanks for the frubal.
    16. psychoslice
      Hi Chinu, yea the weather is beautiful here right now, where do live again?. Well its nice to hear from you, hope all is going good for you. Your friend Robert
    17. 'mud
      hey Chinu, or I should say,
      I like those little things, I use them when I can't think of the next thing to say,
      HA !
      Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~dear Chinu,
      that's all I have to say, till next..................OH...
      Thanks for all the thanks and hellos and such and such,
      chermud as 'mud as Maury as...and so on and so on.
    18. savagewind
      You are welcome, brother!
    19. 'mud
      Just sayin hello again...I don't know why...just sayin hello
      I really like the laughing Jesus...one of my most favorite renderings,
      when posting on HOC I used this icon a lot..my daughter liked it a lot also.
      Strange how idols can bring a kind of completion.
      Hello again...and bye-bye till the next,
    20. oldbadger
      Hello chinu! The surgeon would not operate yet. I picked up Natalie yesterday and she can stay at home until the end f June to get stronger. Then they will operate. All the best, Old-B
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    Dec 19, 1979 (Age: 40)
    Bathinda-151005, Punjab, India.
    Business (Jewellery)
    means "re-union" with from where we all started the journey of life in the beginning.


    All creatures belong to him. He resides within everyone. Thus.. to whom to say wrong ? There's nobody instead of "Him"
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