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  • Hello chinu.
    I am on 'robot' mode. I took Natalie to Kings Hospital, London, yesterday. The specialists had her admitted immediately. Very complicated, because they cannot operate on the tumour until they have definitely killed the staphylococcus sepsis, dissipated all the blood clots and controlled the adrenal climaxes. She's in one of the best hospitals in the world and surrounded by best specialists..... I'm on robot..... came home and rushed around preparing her hospital bags (she absolutely refused to accept that she would need them yesterday morning.) Going back this morning with everything..... got to assure her that the ducklings are alright and that I picked up the special dental biscuits for the cats...... that's Natalie.... what can you do?
    hey Chinu,
    Thank you sincerely.
    I haven't very many freinds, and your freindship, somehow, seems very close to my thinking and beleifs.
    thank you again and I'll be reading you,
    now to the search for more pearls.
    hey Chinu,
    Just hangen around. My daughter died the last of October, haven't gotten over that just yet, probably never will. But every day brings a new acceptance of the ongoing renewal of the memory of her.
    But I'm pokin into anything that lends itself to the pre-bang topics.
    Nice hearing from you, I'll start looking for your stuff again, love your twists on things.
    It is probably some severe browser compability trouble. Or perhaps some sort of virus or worm.

    I sent you a PM. You may want to use another computer or browser whenever possible in order to have an easier time. Try to check your browser version and see if there is a compatibility mode to use.
    Yes, I did.

    I suspect that you are facing some issue with browser compability.

    Chinu, may you visit


    and then follow the procedures at

    How to Take a Screen Shot in Windows

    and then create a thread in Site Feedback to tell us what happens?

    Also, it may be that using another browser helps some.
    Friend Chinu,

    yes am a permanent resident of India.
    Guess am back to posting for the present.
    Am sure you are doing well.

    Love & rgds
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