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Last Activity:
May 24, 2019 at 3:01 PM
Mar 25, 2010
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Aug 27, 1953 (Age: 65)
beautiful Revoltistan
Landlord, Investor, Landscaper, Engineer, Retiree


Libertarian Capitalist Atheist Bokononist, Male, 65, from beautiful Revoltistan

Premium Member
Revoltingest was last seen:
May 24, 2019 at 3:01 PM
    1. Wu Wei
      Wu Wei
      Thank You, now quit bothering me, I have a book to read
    2. ChristineM
      Ta for the (i) on Remembering Niki Lauda
    3. Wu Wei
      Wu Wei
      Thanks, but you might not think it is so funny after the bear barf
    4. Brickjectivity
      I'm trying to find a post where you suggested two science fiction authors better than Aasimov and Herbert, and its not coming up in my search. What was the info you posted?
      1. Revoltingest
        Sci fi authors I think are tops.....
        - Douglas Adams
        - Kurt Vonnegut
        I don't want to say they're better than the others.
        It seems petty to rank great authors.
        May 17, 2019
        Brickjectivity likes this.
    5. Rival
      Thanks for the liiikeeeeee.
    6. Emily King
      Emily King
      Hi! I was wondering your view on this:
      How do you believe the earth was created?
      Do you believe there is a God?
      Why do bad things happen to good people?
      What happens to humans after they die?
      How do we know right from wrong?
      1. Revoltingest
        The Earth formed from coalescing debris orbiting the Sun.
        I think there's no God, Allah, Thor, etc.
        Things happen....some we call good, some we call bad.
        When we die, we decompose.
        Right from wrong comes from our genetics & environment.
        May 11, 2019
        Emily King likes this.
      2. Brickjectivity
        That's why we love him. He's just so...him.
        May 13, 2019
        Revoltingest likes this.
    7. ChristineM
      Me too thanks you too for the Who Else Misreads Titles winner
    8. Polymath257
      Thanks for the 'Fascinating' frubal.
    9. Bob the Unbeliever
      Bob the Unbeliever
      Thanks for laughing at the star wars/redshirt joke. One of my faves.
    10. FragrantGrace
      Are you sure you meant me when you thanked me for losing the "con" in the thread title?
      BTW, love your profile pic. Is that the Simpson's version of Van Gogh?
      1. Revoltingest
        I'm currently the Van Gogh version of Groundskeeper Willie.
        And yes, I'm sure you fruballed that post. (I checked.)
        May 3, 2019
    11. Dan From Smithville
      Dan From Smithville
      Thanks for the frube and your comment on the Now There's A Headline You Don't See Every Day thread.
    12. Rival
      1. Revoltingest
        Of course!
        But it's inspired by Conan The Barbarian.
        May 2, 2019
        Rival likes this.
    13. Wu Wei
      Wu Wei
      Thanks for the Commie wolves thingy
    14. Dan From Smithville
      Dan From Smithville
      Thanks for the frubes on the Israel Advocating Limiting Free Speech In USA ?? thread.
    15. Wu Wei
      Wu Wei
      Thanks.... to quote Pee Wee, in reference to Zuckerberg comedic talent... its so funny I forgot to laugh
    16. Jim
      I was just looking through the list of recent posts, and I saw your thread about Miss Read's tiles, and it reminded me of how much I love what you do here. It's the best example of forum community service that I've seen, apart from management and moderation.
      1. Revoltingest likes this.
      2. Revoltingest
        I live to serve.
        Apr 29, 2019
        Jim likes this.
    17. Dan From Smithville
      Dan From Smithville
      Trying to catch up, but wanted to say thanks for all the frubes for the Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America, Revoltifarians Outperform Others At Nearly All Reasoning Skills and the Why Pretending That Captive Markets Are Free Markets Doesn't Work threads.
      1. Revoltingest likes this.
    18. ChristineM
      Ta for frubling The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 2!
    19. Wu Wei
      Wu Wei
      thanks for liking the Pee Wee dance
    20. ChristineM
      Ta for the Fascinating frube
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    Aug 27, 1953 (Age: 65)
    beautiful Revoltistan
    Landlord, Investor, Landscaper, Engineer, Retiree
    DIR Forum Access:
    • Non-Theistic/Non-Religious Beliefs DIR
    Life long atheist
    Card carrying Libertarian
    Mechanical engineer
    Cartoon Janitor
    Revoltistan founder
    Nature advocate
    Bane of RF staff
    Shovel Club founder & member


    If I mention 2 things in one post, this does not mean they're equivalent.

    (There....that should reduce the catcalls from the usual suspects.)
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