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  • Thanks for the creative on Black Sabbath The Ballet to premiere in Birmingham in September
    Thanx for flurbing the flowers.
    And for the hammer collection fruubol.
    And for phroolbing a harmless belief.
    And for the Trumpelstiltskin froobe.
    Thanx for the whites & coloreds frubal.
    And for fruballing the low UV levels of RF.
    And for the Old & The Rested froobe.
    Thank you. It is a new murti in the multi-purpose area of the temple. It is about 7-8' tall, now glassed in.
    Thanx for fruballing the illusion of truth.
    And for the voice coaching frubing.
    And for the uninformed poster fruber.
    And for flurbing my lame righteous wrath.
    And for the religious diversity frubity.
    And for foolbring hating family.
    Thanx for fruballing the rule to not attack the victims!
    And for the limercized loafing frubing.
    And for froobing because.
    How ya doin Sirona?
    I am doing fine, thank you. Just finished reading a condensed version of the Mahabharata. Take care :)
    Yeah i understand why you would read a condensed version. It's 800 pages! And i'm only up to 200 T_T
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