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  • If you are so inclined, I would like to talk again. At the very least to confirm that you are not dead.
    Just reminiscent. I noticed you stopped posting. Hoping that things are well with you with good health.

    Take good care.
    Thanks for the matching pair of winners and the funny on Who Else Misreads Titles?

    One of my fave threads for laughing out loud. It also makes me realise i am not on my own
    Thanx for fruballing facts supported by opinions.
    And for the electric car frubol.
    And for froobing Marilyn Mansons In The Afterlife.
    And for the elite draft dodging frubing.
    And for foorbling that guy...you know...him.
    And for the hippie frubie.
    Ta for the If self-awareness occurs naturally... Frube
    And the Gravity not God frube
    And the Did existence always exist frube
    Thanx for froobing the Trump haters lapping up fake news.
    And for the Mexican funded <snicker> wall.
    And for the optimistic question frubal.
    And for froulbing ignoring my posts!
    And for the dog census taker fruber.
    And for frubling Republicans shutting down government.
    And for the frubal stinginess meta-frubal.
    And for the couple'o pet suggestions frooble.
    Thanx for fruballing not going Alec Baldwin on customers.
    And for the turret syndrome fruball.
    And for flurbing the TCAJA.
    And for the anti-defenstration frubation.
    And for froobing Ripley wearing a forklift.
    And for the failure celebration frubation.
    And for froulbing the lender v borrower relationship.
    Thanx for froobing Bob's new year resolution.
    And for the hitting on old guys frubal.
    And for fruballing reading comprehension.
    And for the ironic abusive tactic frubic.
    And for furballing my confusion about just what was to be nationalized....so long as it's not nationalized.
    And for the unwanted lecture frubrure.
    And for the unthinkable froobable.
    Thanx for froobing Elon Musk as one horrendous human being.
    And for the left's sabotaging of Bernie frubie.
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    Reactions: YmirGF
    I wonder if our hyper partisan friend realizes most ultra rich people are not particularly nice people. Any billionaire you can think of is considerably less than pure as the driven snow.
    But if they serve a leftish agenda, those thingds are ignored.
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    Reactions: YmirGF
    I know. It still is maddening when they pretend things are otherwise.
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