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  1. Teritos

    יְהוֺשׁוּעַ or יְהוֺשֻׁעַ ?

    יְהוֺשׁוּעַ with the second Vav appears only 2 times. יְהוֺשֻׁעַ with only one Vav appears 216 times. What does it mean? And which is the original one?

    Should God show himself?

    With the 1,000s of different versions of religions and the different versions of those religions, an appearance by God is long overdue. There also billions on Earth who would welcome the knowledge of its existence just to confirm which version of its being, religion, messenger, prophets are...
  3. ronki23

    Why don't Jews and Muslims eat pork ?

    If Zoonotic diseases come from being in close proximity to animals and not being evolved enough to eat them then did pigs cause disease in the Middle East thousands of years ago ? Is that the reason Jews and Muslims don't eat pork ? If that's the case then we've evolved enough to eat pork for at...
  4. Ehav4Ever

    Simple Reasons Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus and Christianity

    There have been several threads recently where questons have come up as to: Why do Torah based Jews not accept Chrisitian scriptual interpretation? Why do Torah based Jews not Jesus as a/the Messiah? Why is there a divide between "Judaism" and "Christianity?" It is hope that in this post these...
  5. Harel13

    Jewish & Judaism FAQs

    Based on a discussion we had between a few of the Judaism adherents here on RF, we thought we'd set up this thread to answer some basic, common questions about Judaism. Everyone's welcome to ask follow-ups and we'll do our best to answer them. Other Jews/Noahides - welcome to correct me, add...
  6. Agnostisch

    Ancient Egypt

    Let's share some information about Ancient Egyptian Civilization . Let's begin with the image of the statue of the Emperor of Egypt King Ramesses II carved from black granite is located in the Egyptian Museum - Turin - Italy The first country in history to fight harassment of women is...
  7. Harel13

    Jews (and Noahides): Would Jesus be "sitting in the mizrach"?

    Edit: The following thread was created for discussion/debate by Jews and Noahides. Last shabbat, one of the rabbis at my yeshiva gave us a talk about the almost-forgotten Fast of the 9th of Tevet, probably created in the memory of Simon Kipa, which led to talking about some of the history of...
  8. W

    Enemy's enemies are your friends - jews and Christians, unlikely friendship

    (By "friends" I here mean any kind of ally in religious terms.) Taking into account history, should Jews and Christians be friends? Or Jews and muslims? Or Muslims and Christians? Which one would make a most likely friendship? Muslims got along well with Jews for centuries. Christians have...
  9. johnsmithjohnsmith

    The Theology of The Holocaust

    How do you think about the Holocaust, theologically? There's an interesting article here, about the Holocaust. I find it almost to think about from a theological standpoint. How about you?
  10. Shaul

    NY Governor Cuomo jokes that Jews can’t dance and have no rhythym

    Cuomo says Jews are bad dancers in shocking joke at Harlem church
  11. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Why do you think the Jews rejected Jesus?

    Why do you think the Jews rejected Jesus? The new testament seems to suggest the jews who rejected Jesus were just arrogant but i'm not sure I buy that.
  12. Lorgar-Aurelian

    If one part of the bible is wrong do we toss out the whole thing?

    Lets say the Exodus didn't happen, or Genesis is entirely made up. Not a single instance in these books happened. Do we toss out the whole thing? can there still be spiritual truth in a book full of myths? Or maybe say it turns out the Jesus of the bible never existed, is there still worth in...
  13. TDselector

    Is God an Alternative Fact?

    The Final Selection Thought Experiment enables everyone to prove to themselves if God is an alternative fact or not. If there is a God that governs our existence as believed, then the two acts of selection (direct and indirect selection) cannot govern our existence which means that everyone can...
  14. Union

    Shaykh Prof. Palazzi on Jews' right of Israel

    Islam/Commentary: WHAT THE QUR'AN REALLY SAYS by Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi THE QUR'AN SAYS THAT ALLAH GAVE THE LAND OF ISRAEL TO THE JEWS AND WILL RESTORE THEM TO IT AT THE END OF DAYS THE QUR'AN SAYS: "To Moses We [Allah] gave nine clear signs. Ask the Israelites how he [Moses]...
  15. Union

    Jews deserve Israel - Qur'an confirms

    Contrary to the popular beliefs and religious sentiments about Palestine and Israel conflict among Muslims, Qur’an affirms that Israel is the land for Jews which was promised to them during the time of Prophet Moses and Almighty GOD Himself would permit to gather them again in this land as it...
  16. Flankerl

    Some of the last Jews of Yemen brought to Israel in secret mission

  17. N

    [Abrahamic] So why do some Christians show favoritism of the Jews if the Bible says this?

    Acts 10:34-35 New International Version (NIV) (34)Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism (35)but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right. PS - This thread is not meant for trolling. I am not trying to troll but...
  18. N

    What are Jewish views or feelings about people like Ruth (Goy) in the Bible

    The Bible has the story of Ruth who was a progenerator of David. She was one of us Goyim. What are Jewish views or feelings about Goy like Ruth in the Bible? Thank you for all answers.