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  • Read an old post of yours on salat and was hoping for you to explain to me in more detail. I am wanting to follow only Quran and want to ensure I do the prayer needed and in the way I should. My understanding so far is there are 3 daily prayer with 1 night optional. And there are 2 rakat in each prayer including standing, bowing and prostration...
    Hey Union...thanks for your profile note. Yep, I will use that thread for my questions...TY! :)
    You posted two - one on sex with slaves, and one on the right to rape.

    I think that was what they were anyway. LOL!
    Hi Ingledsva . Sex Slave topic is opened in Scriptural Debate section . The next one is coming soon as we should start this one first ...
    Meet you there . Thanks .
    If you are looking for debate on your last couple of posts, - then you need to post them on the open religious debate forums.

    Otherwise you just appear to be preaching, = no discussion on whether what you say, is actually fact, or not.
    Please suggest which topic to open ..
    Thanks for the frubal, just want to say : keep up the good work :) , even though we may disagree in "little things" i really enjoy reading your posts and i like your way of explaining things and methodology. Salam !
    The place and people I learned about Islam neither denied or put an emphasis on the hadiths. It was all the Qur'an and Allah's glory.
    Eid Mubarak
    كل عام انتم بخير
    who's her that you are talking about? i'm not talking about certain person but i used to find that this is your behavior for all the seekers.
    even among quranist "who are counted as sect too" there are confusions and different interpretation some pray 5, some pray 3 as example.

    anyway i tried to advise you in order to save those seekers from the confusions at least on the first of their journey, but it's up to you
    Keep that wisdom for you . And everybody knows that sectarianism in Islam is full of confusions (which sect ? Hanafi , Shafi , Hanbali, Maliki ,Salafi,Wahabi,Ahamadi,Ahle-Hadith.... ?? Which book ? Bukhari , Muslim , Tirmidhi , Ibn Majah ,Abu Dawud ,Musnad Ahamd , Ibn Kathir , Jalalalyn , Fathul Bari ......... ??)

    On the hand Qur'an-Islam - no confusion (Which sect ? No sect , Muslim Which book ? One book Qur'an).
    while you are trying to save them, you will find that mostly you cause confusion to them and let them sink more quickly
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