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  1. M

    My objections to the claim of God's perfection

    Christians claim that God is perfect. But, I have my personal reasons for thinking He's imperfect. I'll just share 3 reasons for now. My 1st reason is in regards to the 2 popular, Christian views of punishment, which are Annihilationism (the idea that God erases unsaved sinners from existence)...
  2. HighSpinMfkzt


    If someone who is bound for an eternal damnation is fully known by God before they are created, why did God create them in the first place?
  3. A

    Who will go to hell?

    Who will go to hell?
  4. Yokefellow

    The Lake of Fire is Reincarnation

    Christians are told that the God of the Christian Bible either torments and burns the Unsaved for infinity, or completely annihilates them in a place called the Lake of Fire. Critics are quick to point out that this is a glaring contradiction to the 'God of Love' that the Bible advocates... 1...
  5. questfortruth

    Hell on Earth

    Let me imagine for a moment that I am dead, and around me is hell. If so, this idea comforts me; it makes life more manageable. Nothing can make life in hell easier. I come to a contradiction. Hence the Earth is a mixture of hell and Paradise.
  6. Truth in love

    The mercy of Hell

    I saw yet another post about fear based belief systems it got me thinking about the imagery of hell fires, devil with horns etc. I also reflected on a notion that I think is rare, but want to see what people thought. Hell is merciful. For those whose sins a big and unresolved to be in the...
  7. Hockeycowboy

    Gehenna Is Not Hellfire; what is it?

    The following is an excerpt from a non-JW Index , the link of which is posted below…. Garbage Dump The Greek word GeHenna is often translated as Hell Fire in other Bibles. However, the word simply means the Valley (heb. ge) of Hinnom. Understand that the Valley of Hinnom (also referred to as...
  8. danieldemol

    Even if hell is not eternal in nature.

    It seems as though even if hell is not eternal in nature it still promotes an irrational fear in people and there are plenty of irrational fears that have lead to fanaticism. Would it not make sense to promote scepticism about irrational fears people have in an effort to undermine them and thus...
  9. Brickjectivity

    Atheists: Which Hell Is the One for You?

    Given that there are several questions directed at atheists, I thought it would be a good time for one extra. My question is "Which hell is the one for you?" Obviously you cannot truly decide what would really work, given that you don't seek God's blessing on your choices; but what if you...
  10. T

    The Comparison between Judgement Day and Terrorism

    In this video , Christopher Hitchens compares rapture, which is Judgement Day according to my interpretation, and terrorism calling it both Final Solution. However, Judgement Day has to do with justice and 9/11 hadn’t had anything to do with justice, for instance. Moreover, in my opinion there...
  11. Loaai

    A Question for Atheists..

    Peace be upon you everybody! I have seen a lot of atheists here on the forums, but honestly I expected to see believer not atheists; as this site is called "religious forums", but anyway I've had a really interesting question for those who don't believe in after life and think that Its all...
  12. R

    Heaven - Being Reborn as Dogs/Cats

    Many people know that Hindus believe that we come back as lower life forms - bugs, animals etc First of all let us understand that Hindu ideas were never meant exclusively for Hindus - Hindus don't preach that way, these ideas apply to ALL of us. These are God's laws - they apply to ALL life...
  13. T

    Does God Punish Feeling Lust?

    I'd like to discuss promoting atheism. Last time, many atheists said that atheism didn't need a prophet or a leader in the way Christianity does. Many atheists disagreed with the videos from that channel. Nevertheless some agreed. Taking into accoung the overwhelming success of the video, it...
  14. coconut theology

    State of the Dead & Punishment/Reward (Christians Only)

    State of the Dead & Punishment/Reward (Christians Only) Here is a video presentation on the matter (which you may consider): Or Download Here - https://archive.org/download/sincerely-dead-aaron-earnest-june-22-2019/Sincerely%20Dead%20-%20Aaron%20Earnest%20-%20June%2022%2C%202019.mp4 Or...
  15. Bryon Ehlmann

    A Scientifically Supported Heaven (and Hell)

    I recently had an article published in the Journal of Mind and Behavior. It reveals, describes, and establishes that a natural, i.e., scientifically supported, heaven (and hell) actually exists. “Yeah, sure.” you may be thinking. But to check it out for yourself, just click on the article’s...
  16. N

    The Devil's Apocrypha, by John A. De Vito

    I can across this book several years ago. I have read it two times. I find it very interesting and I have been searching for information on the author; but I have not been able to find any information in the internet. I have been looking for some time and nothing. Has anyone come across any...
  17. J

    Why do Christians oppose abortion?

    This question is directed mainly at Christians that believe in an afterlife (heaven/hell). Where do babies go when they die? (born or unborn) If you think, “Obviously heaven, God would never send an unborn child to hell for all eternity!”, then great, all babies go to heaven. Now, if that's...
  18. KingTruth

    Can you depend on Christianity?

    As we all know, Christianity is one of the most popular and dependable religions (if not the most) known to mankind. In Christianity, one is exposed to several doctrines such as forgiveness of sin, repentance and even salvation. There is a popular saying that declares that every single human...
  19. Link

    Proving Hell and philosophy of it.

    Peace and blessings, I believe the belief in hell is a very rational belief to have and that a holy book that claims that is the result of x or y type people, it must justify why and manifest this beyond doubt. There are different reasons as to why hell exists and why it's perpetual and never...
  20. R

    Earth as a Test Illogical - How Could I Believe?

    Heaven and Hell, the end paths of life are eternal. Life on Earth is temporary. Actions done here determine the final destination of the soul. Therefore life on Earth is a test. In Christianity, we assume that we only live one life on Earth, therefore the result of the test is final...