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  1. A

    What could the Pre Fall of Man biocycle looked like?

    I am not sure if this has been discussed before or not, however, I have had this idea lingering in the back of my mind for some time. I do not have a logical order for what I have written below, they are all just randoms thoughts banging around in my head that I am putting down. Its a developing...
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Religious Law

    Today I've been listening to the radio. Today's program was covering a trial in which a local man was convicted of over six life sentences. This individual killed six people and injured dozens more with his car. People are calling him a domestic terrorist and that he brought a warzone to a...
  3. questfortruth

    Music of satan

    It is clear with God. He listens to classical music because He listens to what He likes. But satan is a sadomasochist because he wants to get deeper into hell. What kind of music does satan listen to? One that satan doesn't like. What does he not like? Heavy/Death Metal and Rock, not Mozart. He...
  4. questfortruth

    Revelation 3:11. Can God send to hell a saint?

    The saint Bob lives in a world full of crazy sinners. But Bob does not make compromises with satan. Therefore, he is causing more harm than benefit. The people around him are losing sleep and peace, and the people commit more sins because they try to destroy the holy man -- Bob. They constantly...
  5. ppp

    How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden?

    A speaker is going to my mother's.church in mid September to speak on this topic. We were puzzling over breakfast 1).on what basis could anyone know and 2) why does it matter? Any thoughts?
  6. questfortruth

    Why do you need salvation?

    Atheists, if Gena is a complete scum, why don't you understand that he needs to be saved? He is rich and enjoys life and will die at age of 120. But he will be in hell after death if we do not repent him now (because he does some major sin, for example, he is actively reducing the planet's...
  7. ppp

    I just want to sin!!!

    I am ever-so-often told by Christians who find out that I do not believe that a god exists, that “You are denying God because you just want to sin.” This has always struck me as a bizarre thing to say, as I cannot think of anything that a Christian would consider a sin that I would have needed...
  8. questfortruth

    Is it sin?

    It is normal to want to watch p-graphy. However, it is not normal to watch p-graphy. The unrealized desire to watch semi-naked ladies is the growing mental pain. So, get to love your pain and dissatisfaction. Life after the Original Sin is like one huge pain. The medicine, the doctors tell...
  9. questfortruth

    Can injustice be holy?

    {Injustice as the law of statistics} A reviewer insults my scientific talents: ``I cannot make heads or tails of this word salad, I cannot recommend the paper for publication. You are evading the key points. Your logic is flawed, you have failed to demonstrate anything here.'' I would reply...
  10. Teritos

    Is time a consequence of sin?

    I heard from another Christian that time is a consequence of sin in the Garden of Eden. From the Fall of Adam, everything started to age. Adam was 930 years old when he died, so his first sin was when he was 0 years old. Is this thought wrong? It is very interesting to me. God said that if Adam...
  11. questfortruth

    Sin is everywhere in Science. How to use sin for your purposes?

    "For there is no acceptance of faces with God" Romans 2:11. I have submitted the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis to the top journal Math. Immediately I received a rejection letter. Then I sent the proof of the ABC hypothesis to Math. I have been waiting for an answer for a month, and I am...
  12. Teritos

    Why did God kill David's infant?

    Some Jews claim that God does not need a sin offering, and that the sin offerings God required in the OT are not important. According to them, it is enough just to ask for forgiveness, but when David sinned, his infant had to die, David asked for forgiveness and fasted, he suffered a lot, but...
  13. T

    Is the Good News As Presented in the Bible Snakeoil Salesmanship?

    Recently there was a thread with hundreds of objections to the Bible. I'd like to pick one of them, which is the last one as of today 10:30 am - being able to go into detail with it. According to the Good News from to the Bible, everyone is saved once they accept and proclaim Jesus as Lord...
  14. T

    If Man Obeyed God

    This is a popular video on Youtube. (From my research, it is actually the most popular atheist one...) It says: man's design, as for instance the immune system, suggests that he can die. However, death is mentioned in the BIble only after the original sin took place. So the video says, sin...
  15. stvdv

    Who is your Savior? And saving you from what?

    Who is your Savior? And saving you from what? Note 1: Speak for yourself, try not to generalize or speak for others - let's leave that to *** Note 2: Use your own words, not copy/paste verses from Bible or other Scriptures Note 3: This is not restricted to Theists only of course Best known is...
  16. SalixIncendium


    In my formative years, I was taught that pride was one of the Seven Deadly Sins™ by the Catholic church. As I understand it, this is a teaching that extends across Christianity in general, whether it's considered a 'capital vice' or a 'cardinal sin.' This isn't so much Biblical dogma (I'm not...
  17. iam1me

    Did Jesus commit suicide?

    Legitimate question here, and an interesting one for Catholics in particular to address (since they deem it an unforgivable sin). First I'll post a common definition of suicide for arguments sake: noun 1 the intentional taking of one's own life. 2 destruction of one's own interests or...
  18. Ch@os*VV!tch

    Has Anyone Actually Read The Bible?

    Every time I get to discussing religion with Christians, I find that they can quote some memorized scriptures that prove whatever point they want to make. When I offer a rebuttal scripture that contradicts theirs, they'll decide that my scripture is a parable but theirs is literal or some other...
  19. SalixIncendium


    Is there anything wrong from either a religious or moral standpoint with openly admitting wrongdoing or sin? Is there anything wrong with asking another to do so? Why or why not?
  20. A Vestigial Mote

    Deferral of punishment and clandestine punishments

    The idea of this thread is to raise the question of the utility of deferring punishment, or secretly punishing people for crimes or sins committed that any god is claimed as the source for said punishment. A deferred punishment would refer to any time it was within a god's power to bring...