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  • I seen your post on "Works vs Doctrine" thread. You my friend have studied your bible and it is good to see. I am a member of the church of Christ. I would like to speak to you further on the matter if that is possible.
    It is like Noah's day all over again, only those listening and obeying God's instructions exactly, will get through the end of the current world system, grateful to escape with their lives. I see a great love for God in your words and an eagerness on your part to respectfully correct mistaken ideas. I would love to explore what else we have in common.
    But one cannot extricate themselves from that disgusting place unless they can identify who and what she is. Christendom's adherents know no other form of "Christianity" but the corrupted one, so when you challenge such deeply ingrained ideas, only God's spirit will enable a person to see clearly what the Bible teaches as opposed to what the churches teach.
    In this time of the end, it is Jesus who is directing the global preaching work carried out by his disciples "in all the inhabited earth". (Matthew 24:14; Matthew 28:19-20) They are one people, with one set of beliefs clearly defined in the scriptures and they have obeyed God's command at Revelation 18:4 to "get out of Babylon the great".
    I have enjoyed your posts very much. We have much in common. May Jehovah bless your efforts to educate others about the truth. It is refreshing to find someone so well versed in the scriptures, but not bogged down in Christendom's tired old doctrines.
    Thank you very much Deeje. I've also enjoyed reading your posts on the matter :) The problem with most people is that they are happy to let other people do all the thinking for them. I feel, however, that this clearly violates the Greatest Commandment: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and MIND.
    I have no problem with tradition. But tradition should only be regarded as a starting place; not the end goal. One must struggle through these issues and come to their own understanding -that is what it means to Love the LORD God with all your mind.
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    Hey...thank you for the “like” rating, my cousin! I have a question (hope you’re not offended): did you ever study with Jehovah’s Witnesses? You can contact me privately in ‘conversation ‘, if you want.
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