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  1. TransmutingSoul

    Unity in Submission to God’s Counsels.

    That's it, to me, plain and simple it is a No. I see the peace and security of humanity is unattainable, unless and until Unity is firmly established and that unity is not possible while humanity as a majority do not follow the Counsels given by God. All faiths given of God, do have Counsels...
  2. TransmutingSoul

    UN Vote for Peace

    I think the vote was great. "UNITED NATIONS, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Marking one year of war, Ukraine and Russia lobbied countries at the United Nations on Wednesday for backing ahead of a vote by the 193-member General Assembly that the United States declared will "go down in history." "We will...
  3. Truthseeker

    Song for Peace by Kitaro

  4. TransmutingSoul

    The Power of a Message of Peace is Unfolding.

    That is what I see happening. The world events are fully reflecting both the promise of a United Future and the destruction of an old dysfunctional Old World Order. So when will we get there, the Baha'i Universal House of Justice offered this in the 1985 Peace Message. "Whether peace is to...
  5. TransmutingSoul

    Retributive Calamities

    This is a topic that many see as challenging. Yet I now see it is an intrinsic part of all God given Religions. It is about Justice for the actions we take as individuals and collectively as Nations. It seems to be about cause and effect, or neglect of the Cause becomes the calamities we face...
  6. Truth in love

    To help us look for better answers (guns)

    “No one Is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.“ — Sixteenth American Jurisprudence, Second Edition, Section 177. (late 2nd Ed. Section 256) lets stop trying to make bad laws and start a civil war. Let’s work on a lawful solution to people being killed.
  7. TransmutingSoul

    Without God there can be no Lasting Peace

    That is what I believe. But is it more than a just a belief, is it the chance of fulfillment that all Faiths have been waiting for? Is that not the quandary faced in every age, is that not a lesson that history has taught us, that God has been found in many Names and in many ways? For me to...
  8. TransmutingSoul

    Godless is lack of Virtues.

    God is likened to the Sun, the source of light and life. Thus Godless is the exact opposite, it is darkness and death. So from a faith perspective, Godliness is being made alive in the light of God which is all the virtues. In that context, a person of faith is to look for the light, from no...
  9. Truthseeker

    Another Message from The Center for Peace of Global Governance

    Decided to put this latest message from Sovaida Ma'ani Ewing in Baha'i dir. It is also in response to the Ukraine war. There is no criticism of any global leader directly. The emphasis is on how the world is disintegrating and integrating at the same time and how integration needs to accelerate...
  10. Truthseeker

    What are the imperatives that drive the need for interfaith dialogue?

    We live in a fractured religious world. In places like Sri Lanka, a mixed religious and ethnic civil war that raged for many years created a situation where interfaith dialogue is vitally needed. In the United States religion has exacerbated a political and racial divide that is has become...
  11. Truthseeker

    Female participation in peace negotiations increases the durability and the quality of peace

    ABSTRACT There is an emerging consensus that women’s participation in peace negotiations contributes to the quality and durability of peace after civil war. However, to date, this proposition has remained empirically untested. Moreover, how women’s participation may contribute to durable peace...
  12. TransmutingSoul

    Set National Boarders

    One obvious way to prevent invasion is for the Nations to agree on set boarders and agree that the invasion of those borders would be dealt with be all the nations arising to protect against that invasion. As part of this, weapons of mass destruction will not needed and will be eliminated from...
  13. Jacob Samuelson

    A Rock on the Shore

    Sands, sands from a thousand lands infused by nature's circumstance pressed by Mother's mighty hands and formed with Neptune's golden lance With stripes of browns, whites and blacks, silvers, blues, purples, and greens With bumps, dents, nubs, and cracks pushed through life's eternal stream...
  14. TransmutingSoul

    Debate the Logic of a World Order.

    This topic is dear to my heart, as this is what I live for, a day when as a citizen of the World we all work together for the common good for all humanity. This is not about your faith verse my faith, or faith verse atheists. In the big picture I see faith teaches about the possibility and...
  15. danieldemol

    Pakistan army chief says ‘it is time to bury the past’ with India

    'Pakistan army chief says ‘it is time to bury the past’ with India' Source: Pakistan army chief says ‘it is time to bury the past’ with India Do you think India and Pakistan have a chance for peaceful resolution now?
  16. TransmutingSoul

    How can the Jew reject, Jesus, Muhammad, Bab and Baha'u'llah?

    How is this possible? Israel is the centre of the Faith in One God. Stands to reason God chose the Centre point of all God given Faiths. Stands to reason they would not last, if they are not of God. Israel has millions of pilgrims each year going to give praise to One God. Jews and...
  17. TransmutingSoul

    A worldin travail - understanding & responding to the events of our time

    The following book has been put together from the Baha'i writings, the quotes show us what the world is now going through, and what is to come. It is posted here for any people that would like to discover the solutions to the Crisis faced in this age. If you have any questions, please ask and...
  18. atanu

    Imagine all the people living life in peace ....

    …Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace, you You may say I'm a dreamer ……. John Lennon/Yoko Ono wrote this iconic song, which John sang. But indeed it is...
  19. Harel13

    Trump unveils Deal Of The Century for peace

    Deal of Century establishes Palestinian state, Jewish control of Jerusale Trump has finally unveiled his complete peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thoughts? Mine are that this, like any other deal, can only work if the Palestinians are on-board, which is unlikely.
  20. stvdv

    How to experience Bliss

    Interesting thoughts on Bliss, Truth, Love "God" seems to be differently defined from usual. My mother uses white lies, so I have no faith in her, no confidence and can't love (as in trust) her. Same with a murderer. No trust, faith, confidence. Yes I have the confidence he might kill me (even...