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  • Thanks for the friendly heart frube on What do you think about all that I have posted on "RF" till now ?
    Thanx for the metaphor vs simile frubile.
    And for froolbing making me learn.
    And for the UBI froolbe.
    And for the distant 3rd Jorgensen phroobsen.
    And for flourballing Homersapien.
    And for the pink & white furball.
    And for phurlbing a wee bit'o sarcasm.
    Hello Atanu. I've tried search for the Mandukya Upanishad, translation by Swami Prabhannda and Isherwood. I can find no such book listing. I found these two. Could it be one of those?

    The Upanishads - with Frederick Manchester, ISBN 0-451-52848-4
    The Song of God: Bhagavad Gita - with Christopher Isherwood, ISBN 0-451-52844-1
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    Reactions: atanu
    Yes. I was wrong. It was Manchester only. Isherwood collaborated on Yoga Sutras and Gita.
    Thanks for the like and the funny frubes on Have women excelled men In responding to the coronavirus pandemic?
    Thanks for the frube on Do you think this points to the body having a spirit that goes beyond death?
    Certainly that cannot be your belief? I also do not believe exactly like that.
    Hello Atanu, thanks for the 3 likes for "does fasting boost your immune system".

    These 3 likes are special to me, as I see these as "Divine inspired likes" (all good things come in triplicate). I did not fast for ca. 1 year, and just yesterday I bought 2 melons, to start fasting today, to improve my immune system (corona death prevention). Melon fasts always worked miracles for me.

    Being underweight it had been a while I fasted. But stuck at home, due to corona, I better make the best of it. Some mild fasting I can do. Good you reminded me of my own words, because I should not overdo the fasting.

    Amazing, how this universe works. This, to me is proof, that all knowledge is available to us, if we are in tune. Sometimes, unaware, do things, that really work out well for others, as now.
    Thanks for the frube on Wouldn't the world be a better place if we stopped seeing each other as enemies?
    Thanx for froobling Trump being a boor.
    And for not judging a group by the crazies frubal.
    And for flurbing threads about men vs women.
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