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  1. TransmutingSoul

    Why Predudices are so dangerous?

    Why are predudices so dangerous? This topic is raised as it appears most of the conlict in the world and apparent in RF debates, comes about by predudices built on many aspects of life. I see that is a sound and fair comment. The base human rights one should use when posting on this topic is...
  2. Abdemem

    Assalamou Alaykom

    I am muslim, and would like to learn from you and share my knowledge about islam and the holy quran, my aim is to give the true image of islam and spread the good word & peace. I hope Allah may help me: Sourat 20.Taha: V 25.[Moses] said, "My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance]-26...
  3. J

    I never said hello.

    Just in case there is no tomorrow I want to tell you today that I love you all. My name is Stephen and surprisingly my second name is Peter, hello to all my friends , that is everyone on Earth .
  4. Curious Muslim

    Does religion encourage prejudice?

    Hi everyone! Would you mind helping me filling up this survey? as it might help me in my research! Thank you! www.isurvey.soton.ac.uk/27062 Hi! I am a final year Psychology undergraduate at the University of Southampton. This study will be used as my final year empirical research project...
  5. Silverscale derg

    Ask a dragon

    Therian, my shifts happen often yet i'm aware enough to type stuff. Ask away and please don't insult reptiles
  6. Silverscale derg

    Why the hate?

    I will start off with something that hopefully won't get me banned, I already got banned on countless sites including facebook for my opinions I just hope you people aren't liberal pansies to report me for my question. Creatures such as wolves (and coyotes) which are predators are needlessly...
  7. DawudTalut

    Requirement for love of God.. State of matters and the only solution

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you... If conditions of believers had not become fully weak and they had not fully gone far from the reality of Islam, then what was need of advent of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s. whose advent and status was foretold).... They are fully unaware of meaning and...
  8. DawudTalut

    International Events, Effects & Lessons related to Conveying Message of Promised Peace

    Events are from Burkina Faso, France, Turkey, Benin, India, Kosovo, Ivory Coast, Congo Brazzaville, Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Australia and Germany Peace and mercy of Allah be on you... Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him) said that he tells faith-inspiring incidents from time to time...
  9. DawudTalut

    Peace, Security, Love: Concluding Address by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V-Jalsa Salana UK 30 July 17

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you....Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper ) said: Whenever I participate in a program where non-Muslims are invited too, and when the beautiful and peaceful teaching of Islam is presented there, the majority of them gets surprised whether it is...
  10. DawudTalut

    Continue Virtues Learned in Ramadan, Afterwards

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…Ramadan brings unlimited blessings and those who understand its reality they get blessings from it. Many people wrote letters (and still writing) to Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) that in these days, being enabled to offer obligatory Salaats in better way...
  11. DawudTalut

    True Eid: Thanks for Benefits of Beauty & Benevolence of Allah-Treat Creature with Same

    True Eid: Thankfulness for Benefits of Beauty & Benevolence of Allah the Exalted -Treat Creature with Beautiful Behaviour and Benevolence - Eid Mubarak Peace and mercy of Allah be on you….The day of Eid is the day of happiness. We celebrate Eid by the commandment of Allah the Exalted. He has...
  12. DawudTalut

    Good among You is the One who is Good for Family – How Men can Fulfill their Responsibilities

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…… The teaching of Islam, the teaching which came to Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) guides us in every matter. If each of us becomes a practitioner of this guidance, a beautiful society can be established. Today non-Muslim world raises...
  13. Lorgar-Aurelian

    A bit of reflection.

    I often stop and try to reflect on the things I do, the things I think, and the things I want or intend to do. It's occurred to me that this whole searching for faith thing goes in a big cycle. Every few months I try to take a crack at it hoping I will find something that will make the...
  14. loverofhumanity

    World Peace, Religion and Poverty

    Today I read to my horror this news... "20 million at risk of starvation in world's largest crises since 1945 - U.N." UN: World facing largest humanitarian crisis since 1945 - CNN.com How can this be? We have so much wealth today? But it is in the hands of the few. I read that war was the...
  15. CCXLVI.

    Is Black Lives Matter a Joke?

    Read this post and tell me what you think- Black Lives Matter Is A Joke - Here’s Why
  16. DawudTalut

    Patience, Steadfastness, No Retaliation, Be Sympathetic, Be Righteous – The Promised Success is Sure

    In this era, to spread the promised message of God, it is essential to exercise patience, steadfastness and not to use worldly methods of use of force. Excellence in righteousness and connection with God is required for the gain of promised success...
  17. Brickjectivity

    Saving the 'World' how often do you think about it? (poll: names not disclosed)

    Is this on your mind?
  18. firedragon


    ISLAM – RELIGION OF PEACE OR TYRANNY Tyranny - arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority Peace - the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world Submission – Submissive conduct or attitude Above are three definitions that I...