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god & man

  1. TransmutingSoul


    This OP is to finalise once and for all what is Evidence of God. After this OP there will be no need for anyone to demand evidence, as it will have been provided. This OP is applicable to all Faiths Moses and Torah, Jesus New Testament, Muhammad Koran, etc), but I will use what has been offered...
  2. TransmutingSoul

    An Amazing NDE

    This is a wonderful NDE. Regards Tony
  3. TransmutingSoul

    Without God there can be no Lasting Peace

    That is what I believe. But is it more than a just a belief, is it the chance of fulfillment that all Faiths have been waiting for? Is that not the quandary faced in every age, is that not a lesson that history has taught us, that God has been found in many Names and in many ways? For me to...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    In the Beginning, why just a few, can we learn from the past?

    This discussion is about God, it is about how we have come to know God via Prophets, or Messengers, or Manifestations of God. Why is it that time shows us who were most likely a God given Prophet, or Messenger, or Manifestation of God, yet when the Message is first given there a only few that...
  5. Jacob Samuelson

    Objective Naturalism vs. Subjective Reasoning

    I think the most difficult task for a theist is to differentiate the two above philosophies. We look at an event with the same object in mind, yet perhaps view it with varied complexity. Like if I, a theist, look at a rubber ball, and I was told to study this ball and bring back a report of its...
  6. TransmutingSoul

    Bible - The Noble Gospel

    As a Baha'i I fully support the Bible and offer it in the light of this comment written by ‘Abdu’l'Bahá "THIS book is the Holy Book of God, of celestial Inspiration. It is the Bible of Salvation, the Noble Gospel. It is the mystery of the Kingdom and its light. It is the Divine Bounty, the...
  7. TransmutingSoul

    Atheists have faith.

    This OP was inspired by a response in another post. What is it to have Faith? I see that many that do not have a belief in God or a Religion, still have Faith. I see that many actions are based on morals that transcend this mortal world and are thus undertaken in Faith. It could be seen that...
  8. TransmutingSoul

    No Doubt about Proof.

    This has been the subject of many past posts, but I hope to deliver it in a different way and a different light. So how can it be a person can Logically have no doubt about the proof and evidence that brought them to God? What is it the Proof and Evidence for Faith in God, the Spirit that...
  9. Jacob Samuelson

    Is there a (need for a) God?

    I'm going to use this forum as the start of the debate. This forum has potentially endless sides and points of views to where its more like a circle of loud noise and repeated whirlpool of questioning and answering. Is anyone actually getting closer to their god(s) through this? I wonder how...
  10. TransmutingSoul

    The Spirits Book

    I happened to watch a movie yesterday about "The Spirits Book". The Spirits Book - Wikipedia I though it fictional story and was watching for interest until in the movie I heard that the source was the 'Spirit of Truth'. So I thought I would look it up. It was a book published in 1857. From...
  11. TransmutingSoul

    It is Logical

    Life, It is really just pure logic. Logically creation is founded in pure Intelligence, because lack of intelligence does not create. Logically we would be guided, if there is a creative Intelligence that wants to guide us. Logically that guidance would be made known unto us and Logically the...
  12. TransmutingSoul

    The Bible a sure Spiritual Guide.

    Personally I see the Bible is flawless in purpose. I see it is a record of the Spiritual Mission of God's chosen Prophets up to and Inclusive of Jesus. I also see it also gives Prophecy that the spiritual guidance will continue to unfold and culminate in an age of peace for all humanity under...
  13. TransmutingSoul


    I noted a thread called Questions, that really was just about showing a select group an answer. It also did not allow others to supply an alternate thought driven answer. So this is a thread to answer 'Questions' you have about God and Faith. You may get a great variety of answers. Personally...
  14. TransmutingSoul

    What will be the Truth?

    This is complimentary to the thread 'The Future: Humans'. This is about humanities future. It is in a debate section as to enable all to have input. I see our response to threads such as this help guide us on to a better future. The source I will use is from the Baha'i Faith and I make it...
  15. TransmutingSoul

    The Greatest Suffering is Love

    This is a discussion about Love and suffering. My thoughts are that God Messengers are our source of Love. I imagine, that to have such an all embracing Love, that nearly no one sees or appreciates, or even rejects, results in an unimaginable suffering. What do you think? Do you have a quote...
  16. Michael Hopkins

    Intrusive thoughts and God

    My life got super serious over this pass month. I was dealing with a lot of intrusive thoughts. I talked to God a lot and prayed a lot. There was often times when I was scared. I started to believe I wasn’t destined for heaven. The more scared I got from the thoughts the more I self reflected on...
  17. TransmutingSoul

    How will the future unfold - A vision from the Baha'i Writings

    The Message of the Bab and Baha'u'llah was proclaimed in 1844 ans 1863 respectively. The purpose proclaimed in these Messages, was the fulfillment of Prophecy, of all the Holy scriptures of the past. All those scriptures in one way or another have promised a 'Day of God' when God will be known...
  18. D

    'Fully God and fully man'....or, 'God & man'? Is there a difference?

    Some churches tend to call Jesus fully God and fully man. Is there a difference between this description, and, for instance, God & man? Does this change His person? Is fully God and fully man, clear, or confusing? Thanks