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  1. ronki23

    Bhai Prithi Chand and Manohar Das

    The son of the 4th Guru Ram Das was Guru Arjun Dev, the 5th Guru. The son of Guru Ram Das and brother of Guru Arjun Dev was Prithi Chand. When Guru Arjun Dev went away on some business, he wrote letters to Guru Ram Das; Prithi Chand hid 3 of the letters from Guru Ram Das and regularly stole...
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    Sharing some thoughts about unity

    Howdy! We like to divide the world up into categories. This is to simplify communication among other things. If we had to be exact with our words in every case communication would take a ridiculously long time. The issue is that the categories and meanings we have in our heads tend to not all...
  3. ronki23

    Sikh vs Muslim separatism

    Quite a lot of Sikhs are against the Indian National Congress and support Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. They believe that Khalistan is the only way they will be safe. Most Muslims support Palestine because they feel the land was stolen from them by Israel. I do not know why some Muslims support...
  4. ronki23

    What are the castes in Sikhism ?

    Ramgharia, Ravidas, Vohra, Jat, Khatri ????? What are these equivalent to in Hindu castes ?
  5. paarsurrey

    Did Angad and his successive “gurus” alter Nanak’s hymns in Granth?

    Did Angad and his successive “gurus” alter Nanak’s hymns in Granth? I envision that Angad and the successive “gurus” altered Nanak’s hymns in general: 1. By excluding some and or many of them, not of their liking. 2. By adding some and or many of them in his name “Nanak”. 3. By...
  6. paarsurrey

    Historicity of Nanak’s travels?

    Historicity of Nanak’s travels? "Guru Nanak's Divine Journeys "There is a call from Heaven, I must go whither He directs me to go." " The Udasis of Guru Nanak - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia. They say Nanak made five travels. The above website (SikhiWiki) does not provide a reference for...
  7. paarsurrey

    Did Nanak adhere to "Advaita Vedanta " sect/religion of Hinduism-Religions?

    Did Nanak adhere to "Advaita Vedanta " sect/religion of Hinduism-Religions, please? If yes, then kindly compare Nanak’s hymns in the Granth with the scripture of "Advaita Vedanta ", please. I understand that Nanak had nothing to do with "Advaita Vedanta " or Atheism, please. Right, please...
  8. paarsurrey

    Who is the “slave of G-d" whose Nanak is the humble servant?

    Who is the “slave of G-d" whose Nanak is the humble servant, as Nanak himself says, I understand, in the following hymn in Granth, please? nwnk hir jn ky dwsin dwsw ]9]8] (415-19) naanak har jan kay daasan daasaa. ||9||8|| Nanak is the humble servant of the slave of the Lord's slaves. ||9||8||...
  9. paarsurrey

    Is "sikh" a common noun and "Sikh" a term?

    Is "sikh" a common noun and "Sikh" a term, please? "The word Sikh* literally means 'a learner', or 'a student', and is derived from the Sanskrit word shishya. In the Punjabi language the word Sikh* also means to learn. A Sikh is a follower of the religion called Sikhi, or, Sikhism, the fifth...
  10. paarsurrey

    Who was Nanak’s Guru?

    Who was Nanak’s Guru,please? Nanak was socially in good relationship with the Hindus and the Muslims. After Nanak's death who never claimed to be a Guru, and he strongly believed G-d as Guru and no second or third gurus, never. Angad, one of a line of the self-assumed "gurus" adopted measures, I...
  11. paarsurrey

    Isn’t it an incorrect translation of the word “sikh” as “Sikh”,please?

    Isn’t it an incorrect translation of the word “sikh” as “Sikh” or "sikhs" as "Sikhs" of Nanak’s hymns in Granth please? The natural words "sikh" or its plural "sikhs" in the original text, I understand, have been capitalized unnecessarily in the translation. It gives an impression, as I...
  12. paarsurrey

    Didn't Nanak’s hymns form a complete code for “Sikhism”?

    Didn't Nanak’s hymns form a complete code for “Sikhism”, please? If Nanak’s hymns formed a complete code for Sikhism, then, what was "completed" in it by Angad down to Arjan and ceremonized as "completion of Granth"? What it meant, please? I understand that it meant that these self-assumed...
  13. paarsurrey

    Is it unscientific to know Nanak from Nanak's words?

    Is it unscientific to know Nanak from Nanak's own words in Granth, please? Or Is it against religion to know Nanak from Nanak’s own word in Granth,please? I understand that it is most reasonable to understand Nanak from Nanak’s own words in the Granth. Right, please? Thread open to...
  14. paarsurrey

    Did Nanak name any scripture as "Granth"

    Did Nanak name any scripture as "Granth", please? I understand from what I have read so far from Granth* that Nanak did not name any scripture as "Granth" in a clear, unequivocal, unambiguous and straightforward manner, in Granth . If yes, please quote Nanak's words from Granth? Right, please...
  15. paarsurrey

    Are these the authorized versions of Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

    Are these the authorized versions of Sri Guru Granth Sahib? I intend to read the scripture that Guru Baba Nanak Ji had left for our guidance. I find the following on internet: One Volume (Pages 1 to 1430) 3rd Edition English Translation of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Singh Sahib Sant Singh...
  16. danieldemol

    Thousands of Texans come together to honour murdered Sikh sheriff's deputy

    ‘Tens of thousands of people across Texas on Sunday honoured a widely respected Sikh sheriff's deputy who was murdered on duty in a killing that triggered an outpouring of public grief. Sandeep Dhaliwal, one of the first sheriff's deputies in the United States to wear a traditional Sikh turban...
  17. danieldemol

    Sikh community slams Amazon’s highly offensive products

    ‘Members of the Sikh community in the US have slammed Amazon for selling "disrespectful" products, including toilet seats and bath mats, that feature one of their holiest sites and other iconography.’ Sikh community slams Amazon's 'highly offensive' products