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Veteran Member
Historicity of Nanak’s travels?

"Guru Nanak's Divine Journeys
"There is a call from Heaven, I must go whither He directs me to go." "
The Udasis of Guru Nanak - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

They say Nanak made five travels.
The above website (SikhiWiki) does not provide a reference for the expression they tell that Nanak spoke to his parents to seek their blessings for his five famous travels.
I checked and I could not find any reference anywhere of the expression quoted above. Can somebody provide a reference from Nanak’s hymns in the Granth, please?
Right, please?



Veteran Member
Regarding the travels of Nanak in the world, we find following narration in the Wikipedia:

"Journeys (Udasis)
During first quarter of the 16th century, Nanak went on long udasiya ('journeys') for spiritual pursuits. A verse authored by him states that he visited several places in "nau-khand" ('the nine regions of the earth'), presumably the major Hindu and Muslim pilgrimage centres.[28]:7"
Guru Nanak - Wikipedia

There is no references provided for these "nine regions" that Nanak, I understand, traveled to in the Nanak's hymns in the Granth. Right, please?
I understand that only at two pages "414 and 1190" in the Nanak's hymns there is a mention of "nine" (regions) but no mention of the proper name of any place,country and city that Nanak visited, There is no mention of any "nau-khand" in the Nanak's hymns in the Granth, as I understand. Right, please?

@SikhiWiki, I find an entry:
"Nau Khand
The nine divisions of World."

Nau Khand - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.
But it does not mention of travel of Nanak.Right, please?

Is the travels to these places on Earth:
  1. merely a "gossip" of our Sikhism people
  2. or it is a witness that Nanak's hymns have been grossly altered by Angad and the associates and the verses where Nanak mentioned them were excluded from the Granth, please?Right, please?
If I missed something, please, do correct me with references from Nanak's hymns in the Granth, please. Right, please?

Right, please?