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  1. River Sea


    @Bharat Jhunjhunwala and @tornbetweentwoworlds I believe people can reincarnate. What are your thoughts about reincarnation? What purposes do you think reincarnation helps with?
  2. Yokefellow

    The Lake of Fire is Reincarnation

    Christians are told that the God of the Christian Bible either torments and burns the Unsaved for infinity, or completely annihilates them in a place called the Lake of Fire. Critics are quick to point out that this is a glaring contradiction to the 'God of Love' that the Bible advocates... 1...
  3. DharmaCatLamp

    I don't think Reincarnation Makes Much Sense

    Most of my religious beliefs come from experiences and personal evidence. The sort of thing where you have an experience and then extrapolate from that to get to something else. I started worshiping Kali cause I had a pretty profound experience. I had some faith in certain practices or the idea...
  4. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: The Afterlife

    After doing two polls on theological beliefs, a believers/skeptics poll and a religious/spiritual poll, I am going to attempt to gauge RF's stance on the afterlife. Instead of making multiple ideas specific to one choice, I am going to divide the afterlife into many parts and allow the community...
  5. Muffled

    Possession as a form of reincarnation?

    I just finished reading the book: I'M Eve about a person with multiple personalities. I believe that the personalities held temporary possession and that each spirit that entered the mind had a personality of its own. I believe it was not demonic possession so I believe God was responsible for...
  6. R

    Heaven - Being Reborn as Dogs/Cats

    Many people know that Hindus believe that we come back as lower life forms - bugs, animals etc First of all let us understand that Hindu ideas were never meant exclusively for Hindus - Hindus don't preach that way, these ideas apply to ALL of us. These are God's laws - they apply to ALL life...
  7. Thanda

    The Potential Role of Reincarnation in LDS Doctrine

    Hi All. It's been a minute. Hope you're all doing well So the last few years I have been less active from the Church. That time has given me an opportunity explore and deliberate on the spiritual questions without being completely constrained by Mormon dogma. Now let me add that the Plan of...
  8. sinistercurrent

    process of Reincarnation - Questions

    Dear community, During my explorations of the Eastern religions I never understand die process of reincarnation completely. There are some questions I never found answered. 1 People believe that animals cannot act free and therefore do not build up karma. Why is a soul that lived in an animal...
  9. Spartan


    Definition: "Reincarnation, a major tenet of Hinduism, is when the soul, which is seen as eternal and part of a spiritual realm, returns to the physical realm in a new body. The belief is that a soul will complete this cycle many times - even hundreds of times, learning new things each time and...
  10. Dawnofhope

    The Symbolism of Birth and Rebirth in Faith Traditions

    Religious Teachers often use symbolism within the natural world to convey spiritual truths. One of the most powerful and evocative symbol is the use of the birth of a child. It is an event of profound significance in any culture. The Baha'i writings use such symbolism to describe the...
  11. The Crimson Universe

    Does Atman travels after death in advaita vedanta?

    Shankara in one of his verses gives the definition of jiva - "When the omnipresent Atman is limited or embodied by the mind,ego of subtle body, it is called jiva". {{Embodied Atman = jiva}}. I found this verse in a free ebook online and i think it was probably taken from his Brahma Sutra text...
  12. SalixIncendium

    On Reincarnation

    Saṃsāra is a concept that is common to most dharmic philosophies and religions. Commonly, it is believed that we reincarnate into physical bodies in a cycle of Saṃsāra until we achieve liberation. My philosophy is that just as the jiva (the ego self) sleeps and dreams, each dream being...
  13. Thinking Homer

    Reincarnation vs Resurrection. Which is real?

    As you may well know, the concept of the afterlife in the Abrahamic and Oriental religions differ widely. Whereas one view states one life, one death, and one judgement; the other states numerous life cycles over multiple universes. Here are some scriptural basis for each religious view: 'Then...
  14. ronki23

    I'm 27 and I don't want to be reincarnated

    I want to follow my dreams but I don't want to be reincarnated if I'm unsuccessful in this lifetime. I don't want to go to school and college all over again What to do?
  15. SalixIncendium

    What Part of Us Survives Temporal Death?

    A member posted a thread here with a link to the following article which suggests that consciousness may not be what drives the human mind; that our actions are driven by a mechanism in our subconscious which creates the personal narrative. What if consciousness is not what drives the human...
  16. S

    Sign post me

    hi, new to the page, was wondering what religion or philosphy best pigeon holes my views on life/death. I believe that the universe will reveal itself when we die. Our enegry goes back to the universe and used again, sort of like reincarnation. Are there any religions, teaching with similar...
  17. Serpent Child

    Past Life Experiences

    I didn't really know where else to post this. In my religion Reincarnation and past lives are a fact. So I just wanted to discuss about what others past lives were like and what they've discovered if they've done past life meditations, past life regression hypnosis, past life readings, ect. *so...
  18. Ana.J

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Do you believe that people incarnate on Earth multiple times? Do you remember your past lives? Do you know anyone who remembers? Do you think that human soul can incarnate only into human bodies or to plants and animals as well? Why? Thank you for sharing your thoughts ;)