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Past Life Experiences

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Serpent Child, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Serpent Child

    Serpent Child Member

    Jan 11, 2017
    Spiritual Satanism
    I didn't really know where else to post this. In my religion Reincarnation and past lives are a fact. So I just wanted to discuss about what others past lives were like and what they've discovered if they've done past life meditations, past life regression hypnosis, past life readings, ect. *so this thread is to just discuss what you think your past lives were, your own experiences and all* I will state what I've discovered about my past lives! If you haven't done any hypnosis or meditations to find out your past lives you can try these-

    Past Life Regression

    Rememeber this is my personal UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis). You can also do divination readings about your past lives but these are considered to be very iffy and take them with a grain of salt. Note: I'm a mixed Satanic Witch and female in this life.

    1. In my last life I was a Muslim Man and likely a business man of some sort. I was also very likely to be gay but I was in denial. I thought women were inferior and abused women. I ended up committing Suicide because I was severely depressed. I lived in the Middle East. My name was something like "Anjish".
    2. I was a Native American women and practiced witchcraft and/or was a powerful shaman. I was extremely beautiful, I had bright hazel eyes with dark black hair. I saw a vision where I had on a large and mainly blue, red and white Native American headdress. I also had native american clothes on and was squinting at something, thinking hard. I think I was a Warrior of some sort. My name in this life was something like "Nanami" or "Nami".
    3. I was a messenger for someone on the road and ended up getting murdered on the road by a bullet through my skull.
    4. I saw a vision of me being a nun on what looked like to be a Church, I had bright blonde hair. I was a High Priestess on the Isle of Mona and got gang raped and murdered.
    5. I was female and had a lot of lovers, very likely to be a prositute.
    6. I was male and had a lot of children, I was married to someone I truly love (I have met my wife, now male in this life). I died of natural causes after a hard life of laboring.
    7. This life may have been my very first life or one of my early ones. I was a female and drowned to death as a child. I remember very vividly the water I drowned in being an extremely dark blue and I believe this dark blue is the color of my soul.
    8. All I saw was two Roman Soldiers in battle gear in a war field, one was holding the other in their arms with a sad expression. The one being held was injured and probably died.

    Thats what I've gathered so far about my own past lives, these weren't in order though, I only know number 1 was my last past life. I've discovered my soul is extremely dark and chaotic, I've had much violence in my past lives and it weighed me down. My soul is young even though I've lived a lot of past lives because I haven't learned lessons. I've heard of a theory where everyone travels in soul groups! They can be very small or really huge. So its likely that you knew someone in your life in a past life.
    Please tell me about your past life experiences if you have any or you can ask me questions. ❤️
    #1 Serpent Child, Jan 21, 2017
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  2. DawudTalut

    DawudTalut Peace be upon you.

    Apr 4, 2008
    Islam DIR
    Peace be on you friend!
    According to Islam, Allah the Exalted has not made the system of our making with past lives. However, after death of physical bodies, souls go to Hereafter for rewards and further life.
    For interested ones: Life After Death
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  3. sun rise

    sun rise "This is the Hour of God"
    Premium Member

    Apr 28, 2014
    I don't remember specific incidents but have met people who knew other people I also know so soul groups makes perfect sense to me.

    I know I would find it dizzying and not personally helpful to know that my wife was my husband, we were each other's parents and siblings; that we murdered each other and saved each other's lives and so forth.

    As to learning lessons, that's why we come back - to experience life from many different perspectives and to truly learn life's lessons.

    As to feeling your soul is dark and chaotic, even great spiritual figures had dark pasts. Milarepa, known as Tibet's greatest Yogi, Christian saints and others had dark times even in lives where they achieved great spiritual states. So to me where one starts from is much less important than where you are going and to some extent whether your method is appropriate to your goal.
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  4. YmirGF

    YmirGF Bodhisattva

    Nov 21, 2005
    Beyond the Light
    Hmmm, my own feelings on the topic are that you will become aware of other aspects of identity as consciousness expands. I will be honest, I have a dim view, no pun intended, of so-called "past" lives as, from my standpoint, it is very much a misnomer, as all lives exist simultaneously in a psychological gestalt that defies description. If it makes people feel good, they can call that gestalt a soul, if they wish, but doing so is not particularly helpful in the long run, as that psychological gestalt is nothing like what we have all read and been told about the soul. In my view it is better to find other ways to describe it than to rely on the shallow version supplied by the world's religions.

    It is my suggestion that folks not get too carried away with their imaginations in an endeavor such as outlined in the video. Treat any results as pieces of naval lint they truly are. Based on my own perceptions of alternative lives, or perhaps, adjacent lives (as that is a more apt description), do not expect a lot and be wary of getting too much detail as that really is just your imagination papering over possibilities.
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  5. beenherebeforeagain

    beenherebeforeagain Rogue Animist
    Premium Member

    Aug 11, 2011
    Modern Animist
    my experiences come in the form of memories and dreams; I have never had a "reading" or a "regression" done. Most of the memories are of singular events; some are a bit weirder, like when in 4th grade I was reading a book about different sports around the world, and there was a section on Aussie Rules football, which just grabbed my attention. Being the 1960s and the American Midwest, I was unable to find out much more about it, but my emotional response was "That is so cool." In the middle 1980s, I got home late from the paper, sat down and turned on the TV, and spent the next hour or so just sitting there with my mouth open and the joyous feeling that I had found my way home: Aussie Rules on USA Network, about 2 am. That, along with a bunch of other memories allowed me to construct a "past life" in sort of episodic outline form. I similarly have several others. I think they are real "memories" or connections or whatever, but I don't believe there is any way to prove it. And I am doubtful about most of the ideas about reincarnation/transmigration/whatever from the various traditions. I think it happens, but I don't know how or what it means, if anything...
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  6. ajay0

    ajay0 Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2012
    Hi Talientia,:)

    Past lives are a fact, and you can find more information in this regard from the books of Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Ian Stevenson.

    Dr. Brian Weiss has himself recorded the case studies of many of his patients after past life regression, which had a healing effect on his patients as well, physically and psychologically. Most phobias generally stem from accidents in past lives, the psychological memory of which we carry on to future lives.

    You can go through Dr. Weiss's book, 'Many lives, many masters' , which was his first book where he records the experiences of a young patient of his, suffering from anxiety disorders.

    I think past life regression has great medical benefits, physically and psychologically and can be a sort of force-multiplier or game changer when it becomes established in psychiatric practice.
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  7. Saint Frankenstein

    Saint Frankenstein Before there was love, there was silence
    Premium Member

    Apr 14, 2012
    Christian (Anglo-Catholic)
    Well, I don't know for sure, but judging from my interests and obsessions, I was definitely a German during WWII. Probably in the Waffen-SS. I think I died in the war. That was probably my last life before this one.

    I was also probably a Roman soldier and a Greek soldier before that. For reason, I keep being a soldier. I really wanted to be a soldier when I was younger, too, but circumstances wouldn't allow me.

    If birthmarks have anything to do with past lives, then I was probably shot in the right leg during and either stabbed or shot with an arrow on my right side. Funny that my right leg gives me problems.
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