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  1. Theodor

    Research on the relationship between Religion and Economy

    Hello! Can you please help me with my research and answer 5 small questions in a google form? All answers are anonymous. Religious & economic values
  2. Theodor

    Research on the relationship between Religion & Economy

    Hello dear friends! I'm a student from Belarus and I'm doing a research about the relationship between religion and economy. Can you please help me and answer 4 small questions in a google form? All answers are anonymous. https://forms.gle/PQX1XN4LFDFTWRDN6
  3. DharmaCatLamp

    A little something I wrote for the Divine Mother

    Howdy! I just felt like writing this out and figured I'd share it here. Hope you like it. The Tea Gathering I once awoke to find my room filled with so many of my great loves. Jesus sat beside Buddha who sat beside Nanak who sat beside Rumi who sat beside Eckhart who sat beside Zhuangzi who...
  4. DharmaCatLamp

    Sharing some thoughts about unity

    Howdy! We like to divide the world up into categories. This is to simplify communication among other things. If we had to be exact with our words in every case communication would take a ridiculously long time. The issue is that the categories and meanings we have in our heads tend to not all...
  5. Laddu1

    Where to meet other people interested in Hinduism?

    I know this seems a bit silly as most people would say "... uhh at the temple? duh??" but it is not so easy for me, or maybe I am making this too difficult (probably the latter). In my city we have one iskcon temple and a hindu minority. A "regular" hindu temple with various deities is located...
  6. DharmaCatLamp

    What Spiritual Practices Do You Find Most Effective?

    Howdy. As I have been exploring around lately I keep hearing about a variety of spiritual practices people engage in. Some sound interesting while other sounds plain old silly. This being said I am pretty open to trying new things. So with that in mind I would like to ask you all what...
  7. DharmaCatLamp

    The World Isn't Black and White Atheist vs Theist

    I have been reading a decent bit of Chris Hedges lately. I recently got his book I don't believe in atheists. It's not about believing or not believing in atheists so much as it is about utopian idealists whether theist or atheist not being what we need in the world. He talks about the...
  8. DharmaCatLamp

    So this might seem a bit weird but...

    Well I had the urge to say something and I've learned in my few decades on this planet that sometimes you just do what you are urged to do. I just wanted you guys all to know that I am sending love all your ways. Even the folks I don't really agree with and the folks I don't know. I've only...
  9. DharmaCatLamp

    Myriad Paths to Fit Each Person

    Howdy, Recently I have been thinking about the prolifiration of ideology and religion within the world and how various people view truth. I have studied various religious traditions and ideologies over my lifetime and what has occurred to me is that there is no one path which fits ever being...
  10. Truthseeker

    Takeaways from the first Tablet of the Tabernacle of Unity concerning interfaith dialogue

    Every age hath its own problem, and every soul its particular aspiration. The remedy the world needeth in its present-day afflictions can never be the same as that which a subsequent age may require. Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and centre your deliberations on...
  11. firedragon

    What Jesus said! Jesus Himself? How, What and where?

    Muslims, Bahai's, Christians, Some Hindus, and even a few Jews, quote sayings of Jesus as if they are historical sayings of Jesus himself. Of course most Christians would definitely believe the New Testament has his sayings in some form or another. Some believe they are absolutely verbatim...
  12. infrabenji

    Religions actively employ the cycle of abuse.

    I believe religious people frequently employ the cycle of abuse as a method for indoctrination and inculcating unquestioning devotion. I feel there is a strong parallel between indoctrination and the cycle of abuse. I have confidence that this practice causes emotional, physical, and...
  13. infrabenji

    Can science reconcile different moral positions?

    I wanted to get opinions. I’ve had several conversations on line on the subject of morality. There are so many philosophical positions one can hold and many seem to be exclusive, on their own accounts, and have ardent defenders. Is morality neural and societal simultaneously? Subjectively, our...
  14. infrabenji

    Atheist looking for religious debate. Any religion. Let's see if I can be convinced.

    Hello, I'm new to online forums. I chose this one specifically because I think it is very thought provoking. I love understanding and questioning different religious beliefs. I hope to have a debate that is robust, intriguing, and intellectually honest. I'm happy to debate anyone from any...
  15. A

    Does anyone else struggle with guilt for not following rituals? How do you deal with it?

    I'm new here- thanks in advance for giving my thoughts your time. I practice gratitude , and have small routines through my day to practice what I think is my spirituality- from saying thanks as soon as I wake up for all the blessings I have, meditating , to gratitude practices etc. But very...
  16. Samael_Khan

    Hindu Mythology

    I have just started reading a book published by Penguin Classics called Hindu Myths. It is translated and put together by Wendy Doniger who has compiled all her favourite stories together. I have finished the first section about Prajapati and Brahma and the different variations of the creation...
  17. ronki23

    What are the castes in Sikhism ?

    Ramgharia, Ravidas, Vohra, Jat, Khatri ????? What are these equivalent to in Hindu castes ?
  18. ronki23

    Muhammad in Mahabharat

    What if Muhammad A) Replaced Yudishtra before the exile of the Pandavs-knowing they were cheated B) Replaced Arjun in the battle of Kurukshetra C) Replaced Bheem when fighting Duryodan D) Replaced Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra or when fighting Duryodan
  19. Piyush

    Vanar sena - is it army of neanderthal men ?

    Vanara or Neanderthal men ? - Introduction to vanaras . Vanaras are one of the significant characters in ramayana, as per described in ramayana vanaras are special species of humans that looked like monkeys. Ramayana never mentioned vanaras as monkeys. These species were dominant in southern...
  20. H

    Desires and modern hindu youth-hinduism

    Hi all namaste I’m new to this forum, I’m a hindu youth in my mid 20’s and come from a staunch practicing hindu family. I currently live in the United States as I came here to do my masters education. In recent times i have started reading about our gurus and spiritual practice. I do however...