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A little something I wrote for the Divine Mother

Howdy! I just felt like writing this out and figured I'd share it here. Hope you like it.

The Tea Gathering

I once awoke to find my room filled with so many of my great loves. Jesus sat beside Buddha who sat beside Nanak who sat beside Rumi who sat beside Eckhart who sat beside Zhuangzi who sat beside Catherine who sat beside Lao Tzu who sat beside Aurelius who sat beside Ramabai. There were many more besides who I thought aught to of been there, but I did not see them.

Zhuangzi spoke up first and said, “We are your guests where is your tea?”

Jesus spoke next “Tea? Why not have wine?”

Each in their turn said which they wanted, and no one could agree. I sought to please them all, but I only had one pot to fill. I saw them all arguing over this and that until I came to a solution.

I poured my heart into the pot and set it to boil. Soon sweet fragrance of love filled the air.

I gave each their portion and soon they all praised the drink.

“This tastes like Dao” Lao Tzu said.

“This tastes like Dharma” The Buddha said.

“This tastes like Krishna.” Ramabai said.

“This tastes like virtue.” Aurelius said.

And so, the praises went, I felt the joy of pleasing my little loves but when I bowed and then looked around, I saw only one. The mother of all looking at me with tender eyes. She beckoned me forward and I embraced her. My heart was full of warmth.

The chattering of a billion souls turned into the divine love of one. Each had their part in this grand dance. Each wears their own costume but they all dance to her tune. Now when I look at Christ I see her, when I look at Zhuangzi she is there with a joke and a smile.

Perfection beyond perfection, love beyond love, grace beyond grace. Let her stir up your heart in any form and she will share the nectar of the heart with you.