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  1. BrotherAlameen

    You can ask me anything about Left Hand Path Occultism, Christianity and Ismailism

    I come from an Ismaili Muslim Faith but have had experience with learning different religions including Christianity and the Left Hand Path. If you’ve got any questions referencing these paths, feel free to ask.
  2. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Why would somebody willingly become a Satanist?

    Satan tempted Jesus to eat rocks. That is what a 3-year old tries to do to their parents. Like what kind of mindset do Satanists have? I just don't see it. Why do Satanists believe that Satan is better in their view to God? Why do many, but not all, Satanists get absurd amounts of tattoos and...
  3. questfortruth

    Why god allows holy people to suffer?

    I suggest the answer: there are two gods. Because god is spirit, and there are two spirits: Absolute Good (Jesus) and Absolute Evil (satan). Hence, there are two absolutes. The atheists should know which absolute to follow: by rejecting absolute goodness, they accept absolute evil: no third god...
  4. Zenarith

    Is the Afterlife Real?

    Hello everyone. I come to you asking, is the Afterlife Real? The fact is, I already know the answer... I do not know which God came first into Religion (Probably Egyptian Gods) but I do know people live on after Death. I am a Satanist, a Witch and a Partial Medium (It's not my Job but I know how...
  5. Zenarith

    Satanist Writings...

    Satanist Writings... So I have been looking for a place to gather my thoughts and to promote my beliefs... I am, in particular looking for a place to write out my beliefs and have other Satanists read them / rate them. I have heard of S.I.N. (Satanist International Network) and Gothwire... I am...
  6. Topaz27

    A Satanic Introduction

    Hi everyone my name's Sean, and I identify as an atheistic satanist. I can't wait to debate/talk about religion here. I know there's a lot of questions/misconceptions about satanism. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
  7. C

    What are your beliefs on the creation of Earth in "Theistic Satanism/Spiritual Satanism"

    I've had a few "run-ins" with rude members on this site, specifically about how I word my questions and quote certain things. I'm just doing my very best to ask this question, so I can include most religious branches about Satanism, because I want to know what a lot of you believe in. I know...
  8. Oceana


    hi! Im Oceana. I’ve been a theistic satanist since 2015. It’s been pretty lonely, only meeting once or two people like me. Im here to make friends, preferably my age. Pm me <3
  9. Luciferi Baphomet

    New domain and website

    If you are interested in learning about Satanism, you can visit Followers of Lucifer and Education / Believers of Lucifer – Get More Educated About Satanism! (An Educational Website). The information is mostly the same. There is new stuff added to the website so check it out sometime.
  10. questfortruth

    Fighting against the existence of God, the atheists destroy the existence of satan.

    Fighting against the existence of God, the atheists destroy the existence of satan. Do not they feel sorry for the horned? The famous F. N. sentence "God is dead, we killed Him." means the convertion into atheism. But if God is "killed" in your soul, then the satan is killed there as well. So...
  11. Serpent Child

    Demon Portraits

    The purpose of this thread is for all Satanists to come together and share any portraits of Satan and Demons! We often see religious artwork and portrayals of religious figures in major religions but I haven't seen much of this in Satanism. I do NOT mean the Demon portraits from the Ars Goetia...
  12. SatanicNewb1231

    Connecting to Satanism

    I've just discovered that I am, indeed, a Satanist. I'm reading books and websites, but I have so many questions. What would you all suggest as the best sources, books, texts, etc. to look for answers? And I know a Coven isn't necessary to be a Satanist, but how would one find one if they were...
  13. E

    Should I Get Into LaVeyan Satanism????

    I'm just curious about this... I mean, where do I start with this? Should I read books like The Satanic Bible or The Satanic Rituals? I mean, I read this story called I Was a Teenage Satanist, and it got me interested in Satanism (LaVeyan & Theistic). I'm currently a non-religious atheist, and...
  14. Twilight Hue

    So, where are the testaments of Satan??

    Are there any ancient scrolls, clay tablets,or testaments that are said to be existing from the same time frame of ancient Christianity that focuses solely on God's adversary, whether that be Satan or Lucifer, or what other name may apply? We know there are snippets about Satan and Lucifer...
  15. Hella Jingles

    Is Christmas Christian or "Satanic"?

    I am sure that a majority of us recognize the pagan origins of Christmas. But very few if anybody understands the possibly "Satanic" nature of the holiday today. I am here to present the argument that Christmas is Satanic by the Christian definition of Satanic. The Holiday was originally spent...
  16. S

    Hypocrisy in religion

    I was wondering what people's thoughts were on hypocrisy in religion, particularly Christianity. Many people talk about the hypocrisy of believers not living as they claim to believe. But in Christianity itself, hypocrisy can be observed as well. In addition to contradicting itself, the Bible...
  17. questfortruth

    Why the church of satan is not banned? Is satanism a religion?

    In the faith realm, the satan is the personalized evil. That is definition of satan. So, the satanists must be illegal. The satanism does not worship the God, so it is not the Religion.
  18. Serpent Child

    The Bible Says Satan is Zeus

    For some reason I've never in my life seen anyone on these forums and in general even mention or ask about how in the Christian Bible the New Testament indirectly states that Satan is the ancient pagan Greek God Zeus. "Revelation 2:12-13 In Pergamon, where Satan's Throne is" "The Pergamon...
  19. D

    Is atheism a type of satanism?

    In discussions with atheists, if they hadnt already told me that they were atheists, the arguments etc were no different from satanism arguments. Is atheism, satanism? Are atheists unwilling satanists? Is this why atheistic satanism is so common?
  20. Serpent Child

    Ask a Satanist Witch

    I'm a satanic Witch, occultist, occult scientist, librarian, Pagan, etc. PM or ask me anytime if you need resources or books, this is a post I made with all of the occult and religion libraries I know- Free Religion and Occult Libraries Interview me about anything! x.x