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What kind of Satanist are you? Are you more of a "Satanic Pagan", an inverse christian, or a dark deist?

The Satanism I practice is based upon the ancient pagan religions, such as Ancient Hinduism, Norse Paganism, Tibet, Hellenism, Kemeticism, etc. I believe Satan and His Demons are the original pagan gods, which include Hindu, Norse, African, Asian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, etc. Gods/Goddesses. For example Satan is Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Odin, Atum, Ptah, Osiris, etc. in my faith. I do not believe in the christian concept of Satan, I don't believe in any abrahamic concepts and abrahamic characters. So I am a Pagan Satanist.
I'm a satanic Witch, occultist, occult scientist, librarian, Pagan, etc. PM or ask me anytime if you need resources or books, this is a post I made with all of the occult and religion libraries I know-

Free Religion and Occult Libraries

Interview me about anything! x.x
Hi,Serpent Child, I am very grateful for some advice on this. A group of people are harming my family and me in devious ways. They don’t know that we already knew they are the ones harming us. Even they deserve to die because one of my family members almost died because of their plots; However, we just want to stop them harming us and let them go away from our life forever.

A psychic advised me to do a PectiWitan (Scottish Witchcraft) black bottle spell, which is similar to a banishing spell. The method is as below: to get a black bottle,fill it halfway with sharp rusty pins/nails/razor blades, mediate and say prayers to God, burn the images of these bad people, place the ashes in bottle, draw a pentagram on ground, Fill up bottle with our urine, seal bottle cap with black candle wax, dig a hole on ground where close to river/creek, place the bottle inside down in the hole and cover it with dirt.

My questions are:

  • If these bad people will provide our photos and names to a psychic for a reading, can that psychic find out we do this spell?
  • Is this “black bottle spell” only a self-defence for us, but not an attack to them, which means bad things(karmas) would happen to them only if they would be thinking or doing harm to us?
  • Besides rusty pins and nails, can I put in new sharp razor blades too? Or the razor blades are overdone which could cause my family danger?
  • Can I do 3 bottles, in case 1 bottle will be dug out by someone?
  • If someone dug out a bottle and open it, will that cause us danger?
Thank you very much!