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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    Ethnic Religions

    I was doing a bit of studying of the religion Asatru, a neo-pagan Norse Icelandic ethnic religion. It vaguely reminded me of Japan's ethnic religion, Shinto. It seems like those who are religious tend to be in the universal religions camp, belonging to a religion that it meant for anybody and...
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    Why did you choose Paganism?

    Howdy howdy! They call me captain howdy! So I was just curious why those of you who have chosen to be pagans chose paganism? How did you choose what type of pagan you would be? Did your ancestry have anything to do with it or were you drawn to this path for other reasons. A lot of pagans I...
  3. DharmaCatLamp

    Pagans/Heathens do you believe in an all powerful God above the rest?

    Howdy! Just to clarify right off the bat I am talking about you personally. There is obviously not any ideological body that would declare what pagans believe or don't believe. I was checking out a book called The Search for God in Ancient Egypt. The book is by Jan Assman and has been...
  4. ronki23

    How has Hinduism survived?

    Many polytheist and pagan religions have almost disappeared : from the Greco-Roman to the Egyptians. How has Hinduism survived the occupation of India by the Mughals or the Christian missionaries? Hinduism is a fast growing religion. My take on it is that George Harrison was very influential...
  5. The Kilted Heathen

    What is Samhain?

    So as not to spoil festivities, I thought to post this here. I recently answered an objection to "The Origins of Halloween Are Pagan" that relied on several misconceptions. So, to clear that up: The Irish tale Tochmarc Emire lists Samhain as one of four quarterly Fire Festivals, marking the...
  6. lovesong

    Reconstructionism vs. Revivalism

    How do you guys differentiate between these two approaches? I've considered myself a reconstructionist for a long while, but only more recently learned about revivalism as a separate thing. I'm still struggling with understanding exactly what the distinction is, and so far my experience with the...
  7. Khadijah Ansari

    Looking for Information.

    Hi everyone! I have been looking for sacred texts and other information for a number of faiths and was wondering if anyone around here can help me out? I'm looking for information and the sacred texts for... Sikhism Hinduism Buddhism Zoroastrianism Germanic / celtic paganism Roman paganism...
  8. SalixIncendium

    The Origins of Christian Holidays and their Traditions

    Do Christian holidays have their roots in ancient Pagan festivals or did they just become secular over time? Christmas: Why is there a Yule log? Why do we hang stockings over the fireplace? Why do we cut down a tree and drag it into our living rooms, decorate it with lights and ornaments? Why...
  9. bubbleguppy

    Info on pre-Christian Basque Mythology?

    I have been trying to research pre-Christian Basque mythology for quite some time now, but if I'm completely honest I cannot find much good information out there. I'm personally looking for resources where I can find any in depth information on Basque mythology, basically anything more than the...
  10. SalixIncendium

    Is Magic(k) the Same As Enlightenment?

    It was suggested in another thread that 'magic(k)' is a personal transformation and realization and is an aesthetic and word that means the same thing as 'enlightenment.' Agree? Disagree? Why? Edited for omission of the word 'and' between 'aesthetic' and 'word.'
  11. The Kilted Heathen

    On Working With Gods & Making Requests Of Them

    As of late there's been a growing tendency within the Online Heathen Community that in essence attempts to shut down prayers made to the gods. People are told that they shouldn't go to a god they don't have a standing relationship with, that it's like asking a complete stranger for things. I've...
  12. SalixIncendium

    Directional Correspondences

    Atypical of my routine, I decided to use a guided meditation this morning (I typically don't use them, as I find myself distracted by nuances that do not fall in line with my knowledge), and found myself highly distracted to the point that I did not finish the session. It was a guided...
  13. Serpent Child

    The Bible Says Satan is Zeus

    For some reason I've never in my life seen anyone on these forums and in general even mention or ask about how in the Christian Bible the New Testament indirectly states that Satan is the ancient pagan Greek God Zeus. "Revelation 2:12-13 In Pergamon, where Satan's Throne is" "The Pergamon...
  14. Serpent Child

    Ask a Satanist Witch

    I'm a satanic Witch, occultist, occult scientist, librarian, Pagan, etc. PM or ask me anytime if you need resources or books, this is a post I made with all of the occult and religion libraries I know- Free Religion and Occult Libraries Interview me about anything! x.x
  15. Serpent Child

    Did the Pagans Fight like the Christians?

    We all know how in the past Christians of different denominations have fought, like the Protestants vs. Catholics. So I'm asking if the Pagans also did this? I consider "Paganism" Greek Paganism, Egyptian Polytheism, Norse Paganism, Babylonia, Sumerian, etc. and their gods/goddesses. I'm asking...
  16. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Roman vs Greek temples, Japanese mythology.

    I just found this video and thought I would share it incase any of you might find it interesting. Check out his channel if you are interested in historical discussion about rome, japan , or numerous other subjects. He also has a video series on Japanese mythology . Enjoy.
  17. SabahTheLoner

    Reccomendations for pantheon research

    Here's a list: - Reccemandations for best editions of Norse Prose Edda and/or Poetic Edda - Books that give detailed information on Egyptian deities (not necessarily stories although that's okay) - A reliable book about Babylonian mythology - Celtic (Irish or Welsh, preferably) resources...
  18. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Cheeki Breeki and religious texts.

    I don't know what has tempted me to do this but recently while reading various religious texts ( bagavad gita, greek myths, bible, tao te ching and various books on Shinto) for the last few days I've been more or less listening to this on loop. Cheeki Breeki gets the religion. Help Study...
  19. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Difficulties when it comes to Polytheism and me.

    I have come to discover that I rather like polytheism. Well at least certain gods from certain pantheons. The issue I personally have is actually believing in or doing anything with these gods when I can think of no rational arguments for said gods actually being a thing. It seems to me...
  20. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Bias , monotheism, polytheism and arguments

    We all have our own personal bias whether we recognize it or not. We all have things we favor and we all have things we have personal issues with. Sometimes these bleed over into the arguments we will and won’t consider and why we agree with one side or another. I notice in myself a bias...