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  • Thanx for the door #4 (don't know) froobal.
    And for phurlbing not needing any stinking degrees.
    And for the inconclusive Laurel Hubbard frube.
    Hi Adrian, Sorry about the profanity - for some reason I thought we could insert "#!@" kinds of things? I'll keep an eye out.

    The other reason I'm writing is because your note to me did not give me a chance to respond or confirm that i read your message.
    Thanks for the frube on What do religious people positively contribute to the world that non-religious people can't?
    Thanking you for the friendly heart frube on New Zealand, coronavirus and elections
    And thanks also for the useful frube on the same thread
    Nice thread you made about whether members feel welcomed. I seldom visit the forum these days and was glad I could give an answer to your questionaire. If the moderators change some of their behaviour I may decide to return to the forum. One thing i miss on this forum is the ability to send personal messages to individual members that only that particular member can read.
    Morning Adrian. Just thought I might catch up on all the frubes you have been sending my way - thanks. Hope you have a God-filled day!
    Thanks for the like. Most of us make it in the end, I hope!
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    You’re going really well buddy, even though its super tough going. Hang in there :)
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