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  1. The Kilted Heathen

    What is Samhain?

    So as not to spoil festivities, I thought to post this here. I recently answered an objection to "The Origins of Halloween Are Pagan" that relied on several misconceptions. So, to clear that up: The Irish tale Tochmarc Emire lists Samhain as one of four quarterly Fire Festivals, marking the...
  2. Harel13

    Did the Pharisees know what they were talking about?

    I saw today something interesting. One of the greatest academic Talmud scholars of the last century was Prof. Yaakov Nachum Epstein. In his book "Introductions to the Tannaitic Literature", pg. 280-281, he discusses shortly the laws of Shabbat as described in the gospels. He lists them and then...
  3. S

    Clarifications on Christianity

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but I liked the idea of debating religions so I decided to join up! I'm a muslim btw. I would like to start off my posts by a couple things I was wondering about Christianity and would be interested to hear thoughts regarding this questions. 1) Why did people...
  4. AlexanderG

    Some Sunday Questions for Christians

    1. If there are two possible worlds, one where only a perfect god exists who lacks for nothing, and another one that contains this god and also sin, corruption, non-believers, and infinite suffering, which world do you think is better? Why would a god create this way, rather than just choose not...
  5. The Kilted Heathen

    Origin of the Bible (Branch Thread)

    Taking this here, from the "sex before marriage" thread. How you came to know and understand Jesus is understood, Elijah. The facts as conveyed prior to you is that the source of this "knowledge" was pruned and cultivated long before either of us were born, so that you would arrive at exactly...
  6. BilliardsBall

    Foam On - Marxism, Secular Humanism, or Christianity?

    Which of these solutions to the world's problems have the best track record -- Marxism, Secular Humanism, or Christianity? In just the past hundred years, Marxism (Communism) brought a reign of terror and tyranny unlike any the world has ever seen. Secular Humanism brought us the sexual...
  7. Sylvester Clark

    Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?

    The Christian claim that Jesus of Nazareth literally rose from the dead is fundamental to Christianity, but is undeniably a very radical claim. There is a certain amount of historical evidence surrounding the life of Jesus, but does the evidence support the claim that Jesus rose from the dead in...
  8. Ehav4Ever

    Questions about Christianity and Mormonism

    I have a few questions for non-Mormon Christians about their views of Mormonism. According to non-Mormon Christianity, was Joseph Smith a prophet? If he was not, why not? What parts of the New Testament disqualifies him? According to non-Mormon Christianity are Mormons correctly holding by...
  9. Harel13

    Those that believe unleavened bread symbolizes Jesus

    I have some questions for those people - which I gather are mostly evangelical Christians - that believe that matzah (AKA unleavened bread), eaten by Jews on Passover, symbolizes Jesus. From what I understand, the puncture holes in the bread symbolizes Jesus's puncture wounds. The lack of yeast...
  10. Ehav4Ever

    There is no Judaism vs. Christianity - There is Judaism and there is Christianity

    In reality there is no Judaism vs. Christianity. As far as Jews/Torath Mosheh/Judaism are concerned Christians can beleive whatever they want, how they want, etc. Most Torah based Jews are not trying to convince Christians to change their religion, adjust their religion, or even to accept Jewish...
  11. R

    Heaven - Being Reborn as Dogs/Cats

    Many people know that Hindus believe that we come back as lower life forms - bugs, animals etc First of all let us understand that Hindu ideas were never meant exclusively for Hindus - Hindus don't preach that way, these ideas apply to ALL of us. These are God's laws - they apply to ALL life...
  12. Loaai

    Darwin's Theory | True?

    Peace Be Upon You. So let's suppose that what Darwin said was right, Humanity has evolved from Apes, somehow it was proven scientifically that Apes were the origins of a creature that can think, understand, express his thoughts, have consciousness and choose his path in life, but then, does...
  13. T

    Gay Bashing

    While I am a big fan of the Christian community, it nourishes me every day... not everthing is as good as it should be, I think. These days I see it as a fashion among Christians to bash homosexuals and call them "perverts" and "wicked". At least some do and the rest sometimes stays silent when...
  14. Ehav4Ever

    Question to Christians - If Jews in Israel had accepted Jesus what would have happened?

    Question to Christians: Question #1 According to Christianity, if Jews living in the land of Israel during the 2nd Temple period, in the midst of the Roman occupation, had accepted Jesus as the Christian concept of messiah, what would have happened? Moments after? Five years after? Etc...
  15. Harel13

    Were there two virgin births?

    Hello all. "The LORD spoke further to Ahaz: “Ask for a sign from the LORD your God, anywhere down to Sheol or up to the sky.” But Ahaz replied, “I will not ask, and I will not test the LORD.” “Listen, House of David,” [Isaiah] retorted, “is it not enough for you to treat men as helpless that...
  16. questfortruth

    The fall of Christianity in USA

    Why the fall of Christianity? The status quo of the US was Christianity. HISTORIC record: 1962 - Engel v. Vitale: removal of prayer in public schools by "supreme court". 1963 - Abington School District v. Schempp: removal of Bible reading in public schools by the "supreme court". 1973 - Roe...
  17. Dawnofhope

    Is Christianity a syncretic religion?

    I'm trying to better understand the concept of religious syncretism. The term is often used pejoratively where adherents of one faith are accused of blending two incompatible religious ideologies. Christianity for example is founded on the Teachings of Christ as recorded in the four Gospel...
  18. Ehav4Ever

    Simple Reasons Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus and Christianity

    There have been several threads recently where questons have come up as to: Why do Torah based Jews not accept Chrisitian scriptual interpretation? Why do Torah based Jews not Jesus as a/the Messiah? Why is there a divide between "Judaism" and "Christianity?" It is hope that in this post these...
  19. Harel13

    Is the Christian God the same as the Jewish God?

    While I was raised knowing that the spread of Christianity helped popularize the notion of Monotheism, more recently I've wondered whether the Christian God is the same as the Jewish God. Setting aside the question of whether or not the Christian deity has a triune nature or if Jesus is god - if...
  20. Harel13

    Prophets prior to Jesus

    In Judaism, prophecy is believed to have ended after Malachi and is set to come back during the messianic era (never mind the reasons now). From what I've gathered, Christians believe that prophecy never ended. Jesus, for example, is considered, among other things, a prophet. Maybe also John...