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  1. Grapefruit

    Not sure which sect to choose...

    I don't know which Buddhist sect to choose. Help?
  2. Serpent Child

    Past Life Experiences

    I didn't really know where else to post this. In my religion Reincarnation and past lives are a fact. So I just wanted to discuss about what others past lives were like and what they've discovered if they've done past life meditations, past life regression hypnosis, past life readings, ect. *so...
  3. Ana.J

    A few questions on Buddhism....

    Hello Guys, I am new in Buddhism so I have a few questions to those who know more than I do :) 1) If our present suffering is the result of bad karma from a prior life, what is the real present remedy for suffering in this life? 2) If achieving “nirvana” means that we will be liberated from...
  4. MountainPine

    Was the Buddha a vegetarian?

    According to Mahayana Buddhists, the Buddha was a vegetarian. The Mahaparinirvana Sutra teaches that he taught against eating meat: Then Maha-Kasyapaika-gotra asked, “If it is very important to uphold the impropriety of meat-eating, would it not then be wrong to give meat to those who do not...
  5. Dalia

    I'm all new :)

    Greetings to you, My name is Dalia and I'm 14 years old. I am Buddhist. I live in the Middle East, my family is Muslim but I never believed in it. I'm the only Buddhist in my friends. I feel like I need some Buddhist friends. My MBTI type is ISFJ. If you feel like talking to me, just come and I...
  6. Dalia

    Any Buddhists want to be my friend?

    I asked a question on Y!A with the following caption: "I'm a 14 year old Buddhist girl. Why I am asking this is because I live in a Muslim country. Where there are NO Buddhists except me. I feel like I need some Buddhist friends. Can anyone BUDDHIST help me?" All I get is insults and people...
  7. Dalia

    Offended? Karma will hit her back?

    I'm a 14 year old girl who is Buddhist. We don't live in USA by the way. My family raised me into Islam but I never believed in it. Not long ago, my friend came over, she is Muslim and 12. She asked what was that bracelet I'm wearing. The bracelet is a silver chain with the Buddhist symbol...
  8. P


    Finally, Technology has reached Buddhism too. I just read an article on Robot monks and it was especially designed to spread Buddhism. It is quite awesome right. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/26/robot-monk-to-spread-buddhist-wisdom-to-the-digital-generation
  9. Subhankar Zac

    Should the Swastika and Cross be banned throughout Europe?

    Ignorance against the Swastika symbol still is predominant in the west. It's the second most important symbol in Hinduism after the OM. In Buddhism and Jainism, it's the inverted one that is the prime symbol. Many nations are now favoring banning this symbol for its association with fascism...
  10. Subhankar Zac

    Halal & Kosher meat must be banned and stunning the animal before slaughter must be mandatory India

    India is the country of 3 Dharmic faiths and philosophies that often strictly promotes a vegetarian diet. The concept of AHIMSA, That predates modern Hinduism and Buddhism, against animals often made it impure for one to consume meat or eggs (Except Kshatriya clans and a few others) Many Hindus...
  11. Subhankar Zac

    Is killing insects, small plants, etc out of fear or by accident, still sinful?

    I have tremendous Arachnophobia and often I kill tarantulas that simply pop up in the walls of my room by spraying them with poisonous chemicals. I couldn't just throw it out of the room since I m really terrified of going near it. But after killing it, I do feel guilty and sad. I also evade...
  12. Subhankar Zac

    Why do we Fear death?

    Many people, virtually all to be accurate... Believe that Death is something negative as it takes the people we love away from us. But death is a natural end to all beginnings. What is created has to come to an end yet it seems we often cannot cope up with this idea. So, why do most of us fear...
  13. sayak83

    Dharmic Religions Only: Evolutionary Science and Hindu/Buddhist worldviews.

    This thread is dedicated to exploring the significance of the science of evolution from the perspective of Hindu/Buddhist worldviews. On several occasions within Hinduism DIR, the topic of evolution came up and several members expressed strong reservations about it. So I thought that I would...