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  1. DharmaCatLamp

    Are all Religions the Same ?- Dr. David Frawley

    Howdy. I was browsing youtube looking for different content related to Dharma and came across this video. I thought it was pretty interesting and might be something worth sharing. What do you guys think about the content of the video?
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    My Views on Scripture

    Howdy! Recently I have been thinking about scripture an awful lot as I have been going through various Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh scriptures. I thought it might be interesting to discuss the view I have come to embrace and see if you guys had any interesting thoughts or responses. I think that...
  3. DharmaCatLamp

    Skepticism about Gurus

    Skepticism of Gurus I am personally rather skeptical of gurus in general. I think that gurus can often have useful insights or have useful personal stories but are over glorified among many religions. In a lot of cases one is expected to hand over their reasoning faculties and just go along...
  4. M

    Comparing Buddhism, Daoism, Yoga and Brahmanism

    I’d very much like to know what those experienced practitioners think of this paper: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/359231046_A_Brief_Overview_Comparing_the_Core_Theories_Cultivation_Practices_and_the_Interrelationships_of_Buddhism_Daoism_Brahmanism_and_Yoga Do you agree with this...
  5. The Crimson Universe

    Atman (of Advaita) vs Anatta (of Buddhism)

    What do the Buddhists really mean by "Anatta" or "non-self"? When the buddhists say "non-self", are they actually speaking about the non-existence (illusory nature) of the ego driven false-self ... (which the Advaitins usually call "Jiva" or "Causal-Subtle body")? That is the assumption of...
  6. Särah Nour

    Feedback needed for religious-based short story

    I've attached my short story, A Naga in Eden. This story is for all ages and addresses Buddhism and Christianity. Any and all feedback is welcome.
  7. danieldemol

    Myanmar: Street artist charged with blasphemy for COVID-19 mural

    'A group of artists trying to raise awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic have been charged with blasphemy and subjected to online vitriol from Buddhist hardliners after posting photos of their work to Facebook. Artist Zayar Hnaung apologized online last night, saying he was a Buddhist with no...
  8. SalixIncendium

    What Is Nonduality?

    For those of you who are curious about nonduality, Swami Sarvapriyananda gives a 20 minute overview of this at a SAND conference from both an Advaita Vedanta perspective with a sprinkling of Mahayana Buddhism's perspective.
  9. ronki23

    Were Hindus and Buddhists enemies?

    The antics of Adi Shankara in the 8th century assuming he was born in 788 and died in 820 CE are well known and part of history. Sankara postulated the Vedas as authority; and hence was ranked as a Sanatani. Later on, the priestly class appropriated this and Max Muller called it Hinduism. Thus...
  10. Dawnofhope

    Pure Land Buddhism and Amitābha Buddha

    I’m in Japan at the moment and just visited a temple in Tokyo that’s part of Pure Land Buddhism, one of the most important and influential sects in the history of Japanese Buddhism. It constitutes a broad branch of Mahayana Buddhism that exists across Southeast Asia. The three primary texts of...
  11. Dawnofhope

    To what extent was Gautama Buddha a theist or an atheist?

    I don’t believe the Buddha was an atheist but I’m aware many Buddhists, particularly those from a Western background do. If Buddha was a theist why did He have so little to say about theism? Buddhist Teachings emerged within Hinduism about 2 1/2 thousand years ago. The religions of the Indian...
  12. Dawnofhope

    How Authentic are Buddhist Scriptures?

    I've been pondering Buddhism and the Teachings of Buddha, particularly the authenticity of the sacred writings that are attributed to what the Buddha taught. Buddha's words weren't written down until centuries after his death. Words can be changed in translation or through being passed down...
  13. Morning Star Dhamma

    Blaming Buddhists for the Mueller "Witch Hunt"

    Following up on this thread, now Buddhist supporters of Trump are blaming Western Buddhists for the "web of lies" which Trump supporters claim was the sole basis for the Mueller probe. Read: Western Buddhists caught again in web of lies. I had no idea until recently that Trump's Base included...
  14. ellens9

    I have school project, can you help me?

    I have a schoolproject in which contains a question about Buddha. If anyone can be a Buddha, what do you do to become one? How should you act, live and think? Kind regards, Ellen
  15. ronki23

    Hinduism Outside of India

    Japan has 7 Gods of Fortune, 4 of which are Hindu Gods: Daikokuten is the Japanese version of Mahakal (Shiva) Kichijoten is Lakshmi Bishamon is Kubera Hindu Murtis in Japan's Daisho-in Temple
  16. Morning Star Dhamma

    When Buddhists support Donald Trump

    Hard to believe, but some Buddhists strongly support Donald Trump. Here is one perspective on this perplexing phenomenon: Morning Star Dhamma: DhammaWheel.com - A Case Study in Culture Wars and Divisive Speech
  17. Dawnofhope

    Dharma within Hinduism, Buddhism and beyond

    However you look at it, the concept of Dharma with its varied meanings is central to Hinduism and Buddhism. But what is Dharma and is it applicable to Faiths that haven't emerged out of India? Dharma is a concept of central importance in Indian philosophy and religion. It has multiple meanings...
  18. Khadijah Ansari

    Looking for Information.

    Hi everyone! I have been looking for sacred texts and other information for a number of faiths and was wondering if anyone around here can help me out? I'm looking for information and the sacred texts for... Sikhism Hinduism Buddhism Zoroastrianism Germanic / celtic paganism Roman paganism...
  19. Sheng

    A Bouquet of Dirt: New Insight on Karma and How to Bear Adversity

    Introductory Note: Hi all, the article below is the fruit of many months of thinking and has really helped me see things clearly and let go of a lot of past unhappiness. I hope others will find my insight equally useful. In this world, we all aspire for applause and abhor rebuke ; seek success...
  20. Cathy Hrusa

    Vegetarianism for Buddhists

    Hi all! I'm somewhat familiar with some Buddhist principals and have been more and more interested in it over the past 2 or so years. I want to learn more obviously, but I'm open to following the 5 precepts at least. Anyhow, I've read so many conflicting things about following a vegetarian diet...