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free will

  1. MixedMartialArts

    Marionnete, predestination, free will

    It’s occurred to me the endless back and forth volleys on these topics conclude with two main positions. 1. Free will exists otherwise what are we robots? What’s the point? And if a God exists why would he want robots? Either way we have free will to an extent 2. predestination exists which...
  2. Ehav4Ever

    Free will vs. Human Suffering

    Question: If it were shown to you that the only way to end human suffering, or the human based perception of human suffering, is to remove free will choices from all humanity - would you be willing to accept the removal of free will in order to end human suffering? Details: Meaning that no...
  3. TransmutingSoul

    The Power Knowledge.

    Philosophy, the love of wisdom, the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. What happens if all that was not a choice? I offer these two thoughts to discuss which was given by Baha'u'llah in the Súriy-i-Haykal "...Within the treasury of Our Wisdom there lies...
  4. B

    How can evil exist if God is omnipotent? And how can free will exist if God is omniscient?

    Title. How can evil exist if God is omnipotent? And how can free will exist if God is omniscient? My thoughts: God created evil, which is why it exist. Free will doesn't exist because god is all powerful. What are your thoughts?
  5. questfortruth

    Is Dr. Kent Hovind right before God?

    We have not come from mammals, because we are still mammals. The mammals have not come from fish, because mammals are still fish. I see no logic here. PROOF OF FREEWILL: The fact that we were alive a year ago does not mean that we were dead a year ago. The fact that we were alive a year ago...
  6. questfortruth

    Neverending Story explained

    A skeptic says: ``Bible is a fairytale for children.'' I would reply: our life is a fairytale, because contains logical contradictions, named by me as illusions. Life is not an illusion but contains ones. The illusive distortions are found not only in our perception of nature but in nature...
  7. ppp

    She who is without Sin

    In your particular take on the Fall in Eden, assuming that you have one: Did Eve have the knowledge of good and evil before eating of the fruit of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? If so, what is the difference between the good and evil she had knowledge of before eating, and the Good and...
  8. questfortruth

    Let's free the Physics!

    A certain freedom is introduced into the equations of Physics - an arbitrary function X. If so, then miracles and human free will can be included in the realm of serious study. Moreover, the article shows that current laws and phenomena do not work without this free function: Gravity Law...
  9. questfortruth

    Natural Soul

    Religion says, that humans have super-natural freewill and super-natural soul. Wild Fox: "This statement is completely false! Freewill is neurologic based thus is a part of nature. There is nothing super-natural about it! How much of our behavior is really free will derived is being studied...
  10. questfortruth

    Proof for Freewill (and, thus, disproof of Atheism) is notion of "Today"

    We got to know about the conservation of information from first hand by a physical problem. The problem was found by Dr. Steven Hawking and is called the "Information loss paradox in Black Holes". According to my own calculations, the Black Hole is indeed a hole in spacetime: the event horizon...
  11. atanu

    Question for Christians

    Jesus said “Thy will be done”. Then why do most Christians speak of and highlight free will of individuals?
  12. Kilk1

    Calvinists only: How do you interpret these passages?

    For many months, maybe a year, I've been studying debates for and against Calvinism. While passages such as Romans 9 are argued to support Calvinism, I'd like to hear your view on at least one of the passages challenging Calvinism. (Quotations are from the New King James Version.) Luke 8:4-15...
  13. Kilk1

    Passages challenging Calvinism

    Hello, all! For many months, maybe a year, I've been studying debates for and against Calvinism. While passages such as Romans 9 are claimed by Calvinists to support their position, I'd like to hear your view on at least one of the passages challenging Calvinism. (Quotations are from the New...
  14. KelseyR

    Why free will is real:

    The best argument for freedom of will is that we, as part of our surroundings have claim to a portion of its sum power. This idea is reinforced by empirically noting the human brain and a need to ascribe some valid function to the intelligence it permits. Free will perfectly fits the bill. Our...
  15. Kilk1

    Can Calvinism survive Romans 9‽

    Romans 8:28-9:33 is often considered the strongest text of Calvinism, the view that God chooses some for salvation without free will being a factor. Basically, it's the view that no one can choose to follow God unless He predestines you to change. Near the end of the passage, Paul writes, "Does...
  16. Kilk1

    Calvinism's strongest Biblical text

    Hello! This is my first thread on the site. Many say that the strongest evidence for Calvinism from the Bible is Romans 8:28 through 9:24. Having studied the passage from multiple sides, I'm not sure Calvinism is actually taught here. While 8:29-30 mentions that there are people God foreknew and...
  17. questfortruth

    Official Proof of Soul and Freewill, and disproof of Multiverse and Big Bang

    Some professions have the professional diseases. Do the cleaners (garbage cleaner, window cleaner and office cleaner) have chaos in the head? No, because bodily work strengthens the psyche. And according to the law of growth of chaos, reducing disorder in an apartment means an increase in...
  18. BilliardsBall

    Quantum mechanics teaches a probabilistic, not deterministic, universe

    Free will and determinism? Note this fascinating Quora answer and the spot I highlighted... Paul Ikeda, HSDD Expert, 1st to solve EMI issues blocking Gigabit Rollout for 2+ years. Updated Sep 17 “How can things have both particle and wave properties?” Good question. Accepted science can’t...
  19. T

    Mind/body dualism and quantum mechanics

    Mind/body dualism and quantum mechanics Assumes dualism. For those insisting on declaring materialism true and dualism false, don't expect me to reply. Randomness Toss a coin: 50% heads, 50% tails. But in a vacuum on a perfectly flat surface by a robot that throws exactly the same each time...
  20. SalixIncendium

    Not Another *&^% Free Will Thread!

    Yeah, I'm sure we've all seen enough free will vs determinism threads for one lifetime, maybe two. But the purpose of this thread is not to debate free will vs determinism. You likely already belong to one of these schools of thought and have no intention of shifting your belief regardless of...