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  1. questfortruth

    3 proofs of Riemann Hypothesis and 5 proofs of abc conjecture

    abc conjecture - Wikipedia Riemann hypothesis - Wikipedia First proof of Riemann Hypothesis: 1. Dr. Robin has shown, that the number of counter-examples can not be a finite number. For example, not 1, not 56, and not 676940303. 2. Hence, the huge amount of counter-examples is excluded. 3...
  2. Native

    Pseudoscience, Circumstantial Assumptions and Biased Group Thinking.

    OP Subject: Pseudoscience, Circumstantial Assumptions and Biased Group Thinking. In the video below, Sabine Hossenfelder goes through different aspects of the concept of pseudoscience and accepted science. Sabine Hossenfelder “How I learned to love pseudoscience”. Sabines Abstract: As a...
  3. questfortruth

    Shortest proof of Jesus Christ

    It is wrong to say, that we can not know all. Because there is no limit (for example, 80%) to research. If we get to know all 100%, we get to know, that we are all-knowing. Hence, the all-knowing being does exist. My premise is: ``future research will tell us about twice as much as we know in...
  4. questfortruth

    Riemann hypothesis, the most beautiful hypothesis

    Please comment on my feeble attempt to prove the Riemann hypothesis: https://www.doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.2.14778.31681 There are two questions: 1. Is the Riemann hypothesis true? 2. Does anyone know the answer? If you answer all these questions (or somehow get the answers), then the answer to...
  5. ManSinha

    Calling all the scientific minds on RF

    I would say I am somewhat credulous (I am a theist after all) but I was somewhat mesmerized by the apparent cognitive dissonance here - this gentleman appears to speak of feats that would be considered achievements of engineering and yet apparently were done eons ago - well, in all fairness, he...
  6. Native

    When Consensus Group Thinking is Useless

    Abstract: It should be clear to everyone who make their thorough research and analysis that there are UNSOLVED PROBLEMS and PARADOXES in several scientific, religious and philosophical branches. Watch this video and make your contextual connections to all unsolved problems and standing...
  7. MikeF

    Can all life on earth be viewed as the expression of a single organism?

    The term, "When does life begin", is often used in discussion surrounding when to afford specific rights to human embryos or the human fetus. This came up for me in another thread. In an off-the-cuff remark I stated that life began billions of years ago and life has been a continuum since that...
  8. questfortruth

    Why proofs are so big?

    Proof of the abc conjecture has taken 1500 pages and there is a fatal error. I am proving on one page: Proof of the ABC Conjecture, viXra.org e-Print archive, viXra:2012.0086 Nobody has found a single mistake when I was sending the file to journals. They simply have not believed me. The faith...
  9. questfortruth

    Name of conjecture is?

    Martila's conjecture: An arbitrary even number can always be expanded as the difference between two prime numbers. For example, 2=5-3, 6=11-5. Goldbach's conjecture: An arbitrary even number can always be expanded as the sum of two primes. For example, 8=5+3, 16=11+5. Yes, I have proven both...
  10. AlexanderG

    Young Hillsong Church congregant who mocked vaccine dies of COVID

    According to a Daily Beast article, Man Who Tweeted About Having '99 Problems but a Vax Ain't One' Dies of COVID. In particular: He made memes about trusting the Bible over Dr. Anthony Fauci. But in late July, Harmon wrote that he was “on max oxygen” and “struggling to function.” His final...
  11. MikeF

    Philosophy and Science

    *******Porting this conversation into it's own thread as it was off the main topic of original OP. I'd like to respond by starting with two definitions. From Wikipedia I obtained the following definition of Philosophy: “Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions, such as...
  12. questfortruth

    Is scientific skepticism a Christian thing?

    Very good, that I am a member of this forum. I can find some comfort and ease by sharing my problems here. Sending rejection letters to me like "We have no time to read your paper because you are not the only submitter [and you are not a Professor]; and it seems that it requires considerable...
  13. questfortruth

    If Science were a woman, would it be smart one?

    The females are different: good, smart ones; and bad, crazy ones. Just like men are different: saints and bad sinners like Adolf Hitler. Surely, she would be very attractive physically and rich. But she will never trust you, she will never trust your logic, she will look up for fun with you...
  14. questfortruth

    Non-sterile Earth in sterile cosmos. Paradox.

    NASA tries not to violate the sterility of space by sterilizing its probes before launch. The Earth is not sterile, which means that the sterility of space is violated (after all, the Earth is a part of it). Is God to blame for the violation? God is "guilty" before satan because God has violated...
  15. questfortruth

    Can injustice be holy?

    {Injustice as the law of statistics} A reviewer insults my scientific talents: ``I cannot make heads or tails of this word salad, I cannot recommend the paper for publication. You are evading the key points. Your logic is flawed, you have failed to demonstrate anything here.'' I would reply...
  16. questfortruth

    UFO theory

    IN JUNE 2021 THE STATE WILL RELEASE UFO FILES. The very idea of Science can become destroyed by UFOs, because: 1. Science is defined by its methodology. 2. There is methodological naturalism. 3. Thus, Science is not interested in super-natural, in UFOlogy. 4. But times are changing: "Pentagon...
  17. questfortruth

    Me too!

    Research is being conducted by people, so it is normal to feel emotions at work. I am not an original thinker on this subject, because there is lecture of Ilona Stengel If science strives for insensibility, then it strives for cruelty. Journals are part of the research. The main part. It is...
  18. questfortruth

    Mathematical UFO theory in viXra?

    CV: Science and Psycho The Paper: Is Our World an Intelligent Simulation?, viXra.org e-Print archive, viXra:2104.0152
  19. questfortruth

    Science and hell

    To be published in Is Our World an Intelligent Simulation?, viXra.org e-Print archive, viXra:2104.0152 Science is defined by its methods. The basic one is to assume the absence of God's influence on nature, including the ``absence'' of God in doing the Big Bang. Absence of a miracle while the...
  20. questfortruth

    Science and Psycho

    Dear friends, is this correct? Grammar is correct? 1. My short CV and principles. I am positively different from millions of non-prominent and unfamiliar journal submitters. I have completed secondary school with the Gold Medal, Tartu University with Cum Laude, and I have successfully...