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  1. Mickdrew

    The Threat of Creationism

    This puts the creationist vs evolution debate in its proper context, and holds much truth even though the essay was written 30 years ago. I must confess that while I have never considered myself a militant follower of science, I could not suppress the idea that we are fighting against an...
  2. Subhankar Zac

    We're all (mostly) dogmatic... Only few admit it while others call it faith or science.

    Science demands evidence and is only based on solid evidences (not theories). The 5 physical senses connected with the mind are our wires of perception. Hence in most cases, our sensory organs makes up our version of truth. Though these senses are always susceptible to illusion, still they are...
  3. Segev Moran

    Ken ham's creationist science theories

    Hi All, I would love hearing your take on Ken Ham's theories... I for one find it very disturbing and misleading... unfortunately i looked for some kind of forum on their site , but none exists... So i wonder if anyone here can answer some of my question... As a started.. the biggest claim...
  4. Altfish

    Peppered Moth

    More research into the Peppered Moth's evolution... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-36424768
  5. Subhankar Zac

    Why do some christians want evidence for big bang while believing the bible to be absolute truth

    It's a little hard for me to understand that some Christians question the validity of evolution, of big bang and of other religions. They want evidence that their God isn't real or that the bible is infallible. All the while with firm belief that their bible is the absolute truth. Rejecting...
  6. R

    Once we live forever

    I have an urgent question and hope to get creative answers to this question. Once science has evolved so far that we have robots to do everything for us, so litteraly everything possible can be done by robots to help humans, a human litleraly doesn't have to do anything anymore and can also...
  7. LegionOnomaMoi

    Is classical physics relevant to determinism or free will?

    I’ve often heard it said, particularly in the context of debates about free will, consciousness, etc., that because the world we experience is governed by classical physics (i.e., the “weirdness” of quantum mechanics isn’t relevant to e.g., neural activity and can be ignored), somehow the...
  8. firedragon

    Lunar year or Solar year?

    Lunar year or Solar year? The Quran has cited the word “Day” or “Yawm” in its singular form exactly 365 times from cover to cover. The singular word for “Month” or “Shahr” is mentioned exactly 12 times in the Quran indicating the year has 12 months. Writing a book with some 6,346 verses while...
  9. sayak83

    Dharmic Religions Only: Evolutionary Science and Hindu/Buddhist worldviews.

    This thread is dedicated to exploring the significance of the science of evolution from the perspective of Hindu/Buddhist worldviews. On several occasions within Hinduism DIR, the topic of evolution came up and several members expressed strong reservations about it. So I thought that I would...