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  • Hahaha after fruballing you with "tl;dr" I decided to look at the wikipedia article: Wikipedia:Too long; didn't read - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Which is, absolutely ironically, tl;dr.
    No warning, fie on your weakness and fear! We will epistemologize now and forever. I might be drunk
    "I'm always right when it comes to being wrong. Never once have I been wrong saying I wasn't right." But this isn't paradoxical. Then again, neither was mine, but I had such high standards for you.
    I meant you were wrong about being wrong. You're actually right except for when you thought you were wrong
    Oh ya, and I'll respond tomorrow, when the response will be possibly coherent.
    Hey.. you think you can give me some comment on the most recent thread I started in the Philosophy section? I don't think anyone is going to touch it.
    No problem. If you know of any good books... and I'm most certain you know of many... feel free to let meh know.
    Infinite Jest and The Broom of the System. Those are the only two novels he finished before death, IJ being his most prominent. It's right up your alley.
    Thanx for the friendly note. Every time I get a PM, I fear that I'm about to be banned for some egregious faux pas.
    (I have a history of being banned....just not here...yet.) So it is with great relief that I opened yours to find that I may post another day.
    Take care, gentle poster, when battling small minds with big chips on their shoulders.
    You are not alone.
    Hi there, I haven't been around for a long time. Glad to see you're still around on RF, how have things been?
    Hey man I've had some things come up and decided to take a little break from consciousness. Will get back to it soon and reply to your PMs then. Hope all is well.
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