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Sir Doom
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  • Thanx for froobing protecting those at risk.
    And for froubling protecting threatened children.
    And for not making sense.
    I generally follow your line of argument and thought pretty easily, in terms of how you present it. As you say, agreeing is a separate thing, but you commonly make me re-examine my thoughts. That's gotta be the main point, I reckon.
    Don't know Tabb too well, so won't comment on him at all.

    But I have noticed a few folks around here who are somewhat reluctant to let go of their own ideas. I think that's pretty normal. I only really have issues when people don't at least try to listen to other ideas. Never had you in that bucket, for what it's worth.

    Yeah, sometimes I take snips at them, but rarely. If someone isn't interested in listening - or has a worldview so radically different they're just not going to get it - I don't waste my time. Unless I'm bored.
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