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  • Hey, where are you? You can’t leave! There’s no leaving in RF! (Oh wait...that’s “there’s no crying in baseball”...I got it mixed up.)
    Hope you and yours are well.
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    Reactions: BSM1
    Had to escape to preserve my own mental integrity. But thanks for thinking about this "...talking pile of pig s**t..."; which, IMHO, is one of the best Tom Hanks lines ever.
    Hope you’re still doing alright.
    Thanx for the perspicacious frubus.
    And for flurbing easily defeated orcs.
    And for the Bob DeVoe floob.
    And for the interesting times frubal.
    Thanks for funny frube on Claiming your Ig Nobel prize?

    And for the like on China sends 18 warplanes near Taiwan in response to visit by US envoy
    Thanx for the knocking Eurostan down a peg or two froobal.
    And for flurballing my finally getting yesterday's joke.
    And for the pit bull frubal.
    And for floorbing the collectivists vs the cooperationists.
    And for the message taken away from Candide froobide.
    And for fuurlbing panning bacon jokes.
    And for the echo chamber news not being real knowledge froobage.
    Thanx for the Black Mountain & White Honky Trail frubal.
    And for flurbing Dumb vs Dumber in 2020.
    And for the empty suit in the empty chair flurbit.
    And for foobling astronomy vs gods.
    And for the Sun Rise at the gun store floorbal.
    And for the speed cocker fruber.
    Thanx for flurballing my Cat.
    And for the couple'o Elmer Gantry frubies.
    And for foolbring poetic punishment.
    And for the dumb & dumber froober.
    And for furlbing their always bringing up Hillary situations & then objecting to mentioning her.
    And for the Mt Rushmore lack of diversity frubity.
    Thanx for the not evicted fast enuf frubal.
    And for flurbing voting twice....or not.
    And for the healed up scars furball.
    And for flurbing Snowden vs "the proper channels".
    And for the Deadly In Portland froobe.
    And for foolbring Trump's unfriendliness to whistleblowers.
    Thanx for the safer prisons frubal.
    And for flurbing an amendable Constitution.
    And for the froobal in the High Castle.
    And for floorballing using fear for political gain.
    And for the not winning wars anymore flurble.
    And for furlbing Athol Mathechuthetts.
    And for the race baiting news furball.
    Thanx for the terrifying textile mill full of raucous women frooben.
    And for flurbing male prophets.
    And for the need for better judgment frube.
    And for fruballing the federal government slogan that Ameristan is a man's country.
    Women just live here.
    And for the Klingon snacks furball.
    And for foolbring fearsome forehead ridges.
    Thanx for the banks & stock markets froobe.
    And for fluorbing my blasphemy trial in a sharia court.
    And for the translation of the Arabic word for "Satan" flurbal.
    And for furballing criticism of the claim Hitler is better than Trump.
    And for the Springtime For Hilter froobler.
    And for flurbling being pretty.
    Thanks for the Man to Man... or Woman frube

    And thanks for the funny frube on What conspiracy theories do you believe are true?
    Thanx for the doing anything in Francistan froobistan.
    And for floorballing the end of democracy & the republic.
    And for the delayed election froobection.
    And for flurbing The Bachelor.
    And for the 1917 flue [sic] frue.
    And for foolbing tennis playing Joy.
    And for the fears of the Trump hater froober.
    Thanx for the Putin vs poutine froobol.
    And for flurbing my standing ready to be impressed by intelligent posts.
    And for furballing the heinous crime of smoking while pregnant.
    And for the increased social distance from Thief frube.
    And for froobing the triggerist.
    And for the fetching aluminum hat furball.
    And for fluorbing BSM1's Life Matters.
    Btw, I'm rude too.
    (Although you were barely so....not even trying, eh.)
    It's useful at times.
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    Reactions: BSM1
    I know...wasn't my intention. However, I can be creative if needed...
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