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  • Thanx for fruballing my tiptoeing around the issue of staff's liberal bias.
    They really have no clue how they look to us little folk, do they.
    And for the Kumbaya singing frubing.
    And for foorballing the new national anthem, Yakety Sax.
    And for the innocent people gonna die fruulbe.
    Thanx for the taxes, spending, & unintended consequences frubil.
    And for flurbing Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
    And for the objection to protests furbill.
    And for furballing investigating a new vendor before paying $69.
    And for the proclaiming vs having high intelligence froobal.
    And for furbliong what Quetzal missed while away.
    And for the what I said froobol.
    Thanx for froobing Bob, the world's oldest human.
    And for the Canuckistanian street gang frubal.
    And for fruballing blessings for hostile posters.
    And for the yet another conspiracy theory fruby.
    And for flurbing inherently self destructive people.
    And for the 3 kinds of people frooble.
    And for furbling the only real posters here.
    Thanx for froulbing the burka with the lovely shade of blue.
    And for the cooking with lard froobal.
    And for flurbing making enemies for life.
    And for the possible future media of exchange fruubil.
    And for foolbring the headline that sounds like Anamaki.
    And for the too complex to grok frubyl.
    And for floorbing the not so sharp Obama.
    Thanx for the clear as mud frubal.
    And for froobing spending an exciting evening with me.
    And for the non-partisan violent bigoted malefactor frubor.
    And for foulbring us damn landlords.
    And for the safety theater fruber.
    And for furballing me old religion being laundered.
    And for the self criticism frubism.
    And for the corporation having made the bus froobal.
    And for flurbing speaking French with a proper Scottish accent.
    And for the parallel universe Ameristand fruble.
    And for furballing always apologizing to the Mrs.
    And for the wisdom to shut up froolbe.
    And for floorbing fighting prejudice against Old Scratch.
    And for the gubmint teat froobil.
    Thanx for foolbring the old screwing in the light bulb joke.
    And for the potential dirt dished on Rival frubal.
    And for flurbing the good stage name.
    And for the liberals all worked up over invented crises fruble.
    And for froobling corporations not controlling our lives.
    And for the unevidenced quote furball.
    And for floorbing speaking French with a Scottish accent.
    Thanx for froolbing Satan ist black.
    And for the lost quarter fruber.
    And for furballing my being part of the Russian plot.
    And for the danger of benevolence frubil.
    And for flurbing toothpick manufacturing.
    And for the problem with Mrs Revolt's people frouble.
    And for floorbing criticism & pimp sticks.
    Thanx for froobing the Trump Cult Conspiracy To Divide Democrats.
    And for the useful illusions frooblit.
    And for furballing hostility from both sides.
    And for the misuse of the word "steal" fruble.
    And for foulbring using alerts to attack me.
    And for furballing The Pope in The History Channel forums.
    And for the proud parents flurball.
    And for foulbring grumpy being interesting.
    Thanx for the difficulty of putting unwilling cats in boxes frubal.
    And for floorbing haggis vs mere swords & axes.
    And for the here we go again with 9/11 truthers.
    And for the pro-farming frubing.
    And for flurbing those dangerous Chinese.
    And for the travelling in pairs furball.
    And for foulbring how to curb poverty.
    And for the digital eroticism frubism.
    Thank you for the funny frube on Feelings - Why you cannot win an argument on the internet - John Stuart Mill (1869)
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