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  • Thank you. I think you pointed out the errors in how I have been going about his. I can be too childish and am the first to admit it.
    The question is, do you wish to learn, if so you must listen rather than speak.
    If instead you wish to teach, then you must do so in a way that encourages others to listen, not to turn them away. Both require far more love and understanding than you have displayed.
    thank you! That is true :) shame on me...im serious
    BF is back. Oxytocin is back to firing on all cylinders.

    And then some.

    The break was a good thing, apparently, in spite of it being a short break. ;)
    Remind me to thank him for clarifying my own view as well as the views of all other people in Italy and the US. I was until now largely in the dark about that. :D
    Okay, so the new relationship has started to find it's pattern. Yay! :)

    He's a fellow stage artist, musician, and writer. In many ways, we find our connection through the medium of the arts primarily. He's silly and humorous, and like me, is fully capable of mimicry in storytelling. That likeness makes our conversations an endless session of improv theatre. Very much like how we were 20 years ago. Except with a heavy dose of life experience. It's exquisite.

    What I also really appreciate is how we've always known we were both poly forever and a day. Compersion comes easily for us when we're together. And sexually? Fun-loving and adventurous.

    It's still early on, not quite several months yet since we began re-acquainting. So the happy hormones are still firing on all 8 cylinders in the brain. Our biggest obstacle is time management, since we're so so so busy. That being said, life is good with him back in my life. :)
    Gawd yes! I think one of the most liberating realizations of my life was that I don't own anyone beyond whatever degree of exclusiveness they freely agree to.
    I will. In time. I'm letting this relationship marinate a bit. It's juicy and passionate and loving and fiery and gentle and exquisite.

    I'm so glad he decided to move back after 20 years. We have a lot to catch up on.
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