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  • Hey Alceste, not seen you on here for a while. I hope everything is going well with you.
    See you around. :)
    I hope this finds you well and I really hope you can see it.
    It's been a while since I've seen you on RF.
    I hope everything is fine with you.
    Kind regards,
    Smart Guy :)
    I'm sure you don't give a crap, but I really like most of your stuff.
    The head of the spike so to speak, and a really large hammer !
    Yeah, I got bored after the first couple of pages. There just isn't enough to debate there, ya know? The fact that he's wanting to defend the legality of some freak taking pictures of kids lost me almost immediately. Men don't go around taking pics of random kids "just because". It's ludicrous. Maybe you should go pour a glass of loveliness and talk dirty with us somewhere. lol
    Thanks for your contributions in the Ferguson threads. I feel like I shouldn't be surprised, but some of the things people have been saying are outrageous. It's as if these same conversations have been repeating themselves for decades. Watts. Chicago. Los Angeles. Ferguson. People who have been speaking up about violence and brutality, and yet they're told they have no respect for the property around them, and that they need to do something about that "black on black" crime.

    Uugggghhhh....wanna share a bottle of wine with me?
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