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  • Hey lady! If you'd like to chat I'm up for it. Just let me grab my coffee and some breakfast to bring to my desk. Getting a late start this Sunday. Check out the Random Meaningless Announcements for a clue to how it started :p
    If I don't fall asleep in front of the tv and my kids actually go to bed at a decent time and stay in bed. My daughter is awful about that. :p I'll try. ;)
    Nope, think I've been working on that premise too, looking at my kitchen. It doesn't seem to be going away. Though...I think I can shove most of it in the dishwasher. lol At least the sink would appear. :p
    Alright. Trying to think what to make for dinner :p Don't really feel like cooking, but had fast food last night so... How are you?
    At the time you asked about chatting last night I think I was curled up on the couch sick and about to make my way to bed. Been battling some stomach bug for the past few days.
    If you'd seriously like to chat about such things sometime then maybe we could head for the chatroom and create a private chat sometime. I couldn't tonight as it is too late for me, but I do find it an interesting subject to talk about, whether you find it plausible or not :p Could be fun.
    Hahaha, it's been tough to control myself, trust me. Thanks for the Frubals. :D
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