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  • It is being billed as "the largest showing of Rembrandt paintings in the US ever". Here's the website. I heard about it because Arun emailed me, told me he was going, and asked for a few brief tips on what to look for when viewing the works.
    The arsonist set two more fires today, but the crews knocked them down almost as soon as they were discovered. Yay!

    Are you going to that Rembrandt exhibit in Minneapolis this summer?
    Looks like we have a happy arsonist in the neighborhood who just loves his or her work. The little over-achiever may have set another. A fire just broke out a few miles to the North. Between El Paso County where Tumbleweed and I live, and Douglas County where Lunamoth lives. That's something like the 18th fire in the past few days.

    I am beginning to think you are not the only hot thing in my life.
    If you get this in time, Heather, Jeff, Shireen, and several others are in chat tonight.
    The police aren't talking of any leads yet. But they are saying they suspect arson. I'm very unlikely to be asked to evacuate.
    Just to make sure I don't alarm you: The fire is unlikely to come anywhere near to where I live.
    It's a disturbing day here in the Springs. For a week or more, we've had an arsonist on the loose setting forest fires. He has set them progressively closer and closer to the towns in the area. This morning, he apparently set one just on the Western edge of Colorado Springs. The fire, driven by bone dry conditions and relatively high winds, has grown in just a few hours to over 600 acres. I'm safe, but parts of the town have been evacuated. They do not expect to have the fire under control anytime soon.
    I couldn't help but notice this space is blank. There! I fixed it for you. Invoice in the mail.
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