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  • It's too late for this year, but for next year, sure - we can move the robot thing to your place. I'm sure you won't mind a few thousand kids coming over, right? :D

    I mean, we only half-filled the Edward Jones Dome, so I'm sure we could fit in your living room.

    You have some folding chairs, right? :D
    Hiya. Hope you're doing well. Hopefully I'll be back on soon. I'm doing ok here, but it sucks having to put up with my ex-wife again. But I'm back close to my kids though, which I love. Hugs.
    "Don't mind me, Ma'am. I'm just here to check the meter. The meter's in the refrigerator right next to the bananas, right?"
    Hey. What it means? You frubal my spelling mistake, thereby sprinkling salt on bleeding open cut and ignore my pithy profound posts.
    ...and exceptional, and well groomed, and...

    (this is still Quagmire talking, not me, I mean not Naykidape)

    ...and charming, and....
    "OK Birdy! I meen, OK B! (I'm not Naykid, I'm..eh.. Quagmire. writing this right now. Yeah, not me, I mean not Naykid, Quagmire) OK, 3 millun wordz or less, OK: perfect, excellent, courageous, brillaint, dashing, talented, debonair, brillaint, charismatic, . . .
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