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  • Friend Songbird,
    Thanks for your concern.
    Yes as always, am doing gr8.
    How about you?

    Love & rgds
    She's always saying that, Just ignore her. That's what I do.

    So what did she say anyway?
    Oh, so it does . . .
    According to my dictionary, a "funkinwaggle" is a "popular midwestern dance characterized by awkward and borderline inappropriate gyrations of the hips and thumbs." Who knew?!
    There's a tiny mountain town of about 5000 people a few hours from here called, Crested Butte. A friend of mine grew up there. When she was growing up, the town owned its own ski resort. Each year, they celebrated the last week of the ski season before the resort closed by allowing nude skiing. Whole families would go to the slopes to ski nude!

    A few years ago, the town was strapped for cash. So it sold its ski resort to a corporation. One of the first things the corporation did was abolish nude skiiing. They announced that it "created the wrong image" and "would be detrimental to tourism". Bummer!

    On the other hand, the town still has the most wildflowers per acre of any place I've been in Colorado. In the meadows surround the town, they pop up faster and more numerous than unwanted children in an abstinence only sex ed family! So beautiful!
    I used my infallible super-powers to sense you wanted me back on line, so now I've shown up. And you're gone! Gone! Flown like a falcon stooping in pursuit of a pair of fat hares mating in an open meadow on a sunny day when they will allow nothing -- not even a diving falcon -- to distract them from the reproductive mission that is inherent in their genes. <---------------- The horrible twisting of that last sentence is why I'm not a novelist.
    In my dictionary, the entry for "guilty" just has a picture of you, with the notation "See: Songbird."
    *Sits around watching Birdie and Mystic hold stances and strike poses* :beach:

    My stance? If you can't join em... watch em. :drool:
    Birdie's a Yoga Diva!

    She can hold any stance.
    And call it whatever she likes. :flirt:
    hahahaha!!! *Squishes Heather* :D

    here ... then there... and there.....oop! and over there.... :flirt:
    You call THAT stance "innocent"?! You're clearly in guilty stance. And doesn't holding that stance hurt your lower back and hamstrings?
    Yay! I want this part squished, and then this other part of me squished, and then this, then this, this, this, this, this....

    I promise to return the favor tenfold. :yes:
    Some years ago, when I was working as a waiter, the restaurant celebrated Halloween by having all of us waitri dress up. I got to the costume shop late, and all they had left was a hippie outfit.

    So, the next day, I'm waiting tables as a hippie. And I start playing around with it. As in, walking up to my tables -- after I've served them drinks -- and saying stupid stuff like, "Hey, brothers and sisters! I lost a couple hits of acid when I was fixing your drinks. Could I sip your cokes in case I accidentally dropped my hits into them? It really bums me those hits might go to waste."

    Most people got that it was a joke. However, there was this table of church folk that took me seriously. I can still see their faces! Such shock!
    Taxes... Town Dump... Town Yard Sale.....

    and.... Onto the Divorce!

    This is it. Finally.
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