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  • Just dropping a note just wishing you well. Sometimes I wonder how well friend Zenzero is doing and then I take note of your avatar. :0)
    Hello my friend,yes long time,i was out of circulation too beacause of reaction to penicillin but alls well now with me and my family thanks,i hope all is well with you and yours too.

    Love & regards
    When we are not ready to sccept the term Sanatan dharma to be generic how can thise whose religions are new accept Brahman to be generic?
    Love & Rgds ........

    I owe you frubals freind
    Dear friend

    In a post you wrote "Soul/atman are just labels used by different humans in their own languages that unchanging aspect that lies in each form. ........."

    Kindly allow me to point out that aatmaan is from the Veda, it is not a mere label. Without The Veda teaching that the reality of a form is the aatmaan, which all pervading and not limited to the form, mind will never know this. Even after reading of this several times some will not intuit.

    Further, as you hold that the THAT is all there IS, there seems little chance that there is meaning to 'human label'.

    This is just to reiterate that 'Sanatana dharma' is not distinct from the Veda.

    I agree dear friend. Kindly do not reject what I am saying is as a petty mind's working. That does not help any one.

    The Veda, and then the Vedanta, precisely helps to attain what you say .. To a boundary less fullness.

    But, IMO, throwing away the Veda, is like throwing away the baby with the bath water. Again, kindly, do not assume that, all are saying things from a divisive mental plane.

    One cannot delink a part from the whole. Simple. Veda is not of any time. That is where you are mistaken. Further, the darsanas, the Vedanta, the Upnanishads all are this one whole. Veda means not a written manuscript. It means the Aupurusheya time-less knowledge of nature and beyond.

    It is the Sruti source that the Seers saw. Sruti is the inviolable aspect of Veda/Vedanta. If that is delinked then the Soul is gone.
    Well, I never got a chance to ask you. Are you citizen of India by birth ?
    And how's your meditation practice going on ? Specially the sound-path which is described in your latest thread :)

    Well, am doing well.
    I learnt lot of English at RF (You will notice )

    Your friend,
    Hello, Zenzero.

    Haven't seen you from such a long time,
    Currently are you in India ?
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