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  • Well, I started a thread about a week ago that I use to gripe about my ex-wife. She's being particularly...b****y lately. Other than that, I'm doing pretty good.
    I think this has something for both of us:

    Non-Newtonian Fluid Dubstep - YouTube

    (BTW: if you want to recreate this at home for the kids, the fluid's just cornstarch, water and food colouring. :D)
    You sound pretty busy.

    I've been super busy myself, so haven't been in chat except recently when I dragged Phil in. I look back favorably on the days of chatting with everyone though. Sometimes if I don't interact enough here, I start feeling a bit disconnected from everyone here, so I figured I'd say hi!

    How is your band doing?
    And if you look deeper into those eyes, you wont see a conscience behind them.

    There's no room: all the space in there is taken up by mischief.
    Peanutweeter was awesome: they'd replace the dialogue from Peanuts cartoons with tweets they gleaned from Twitter. The site itself is gone now, but a lot of the cartoons are still kicking around on Google image search. They get pretty surreal. :)

    Oh - but if you like them, get Kitty Bear to tell you about Garfield Minus Garfield. :D
    You're just trying to make yourself look more compatible with me to earn my attention and affection. Well for your information, it's WORKING!
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