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  • Hey. If you get the chance, in the philosophy section/ethics, I left a post for you in that thread concerning the "Know Thyself" comment. Was hoping to get some more insight from ya, if possible.
    I know. I often wonder why I bother, but then I have so many hours to fill at work each night.
    The forum helps keep me occupied... and awake.:sleep:
    No. You're a handful of fingers and toes. You have lots of fun digits to play with. Don't ever limit yourself, my dear.

    Oh, and don't forget your chin. That part is really cool.
    This little finger went to market, this little finger stayed home, this little finger had roast beef, this little finger had none, but THIS little finger cried WEE WEE WEE all the way to my fun spot.
    Excellent! That makes me very happy. Can I trouble you, though, to email me a copy of the photo? The reason is a copy of the original will contain much more detail than if I download your photo from your profile. That will help quite a bit with the painting.
    Thanks! It's very kind of you to say that. I was wondering if you would object if someday I did a portrait of you. I've always liked the photo on your profile and I think it might make a good reference photo for a portrait. The painting would just be a study, a mere experiment. I'm not good enough yet to do anything worth framing. But would it be alright with you?
    I've taken up painting, Dopp! Been doing some landscapes and some portraits in acrylics.
    Wow, a simple answer from you! I was wondering when you'd stop being so darn Socratic.


    Now where's that hand of yours?...
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