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  • How have you been? It's very noticeable when one of the sane members are absent for a while :D
    Yeah, the Buddhist DIR has been a bit slow and uninteresting. Everything is going well for me too.
    Hey man, I hope you're doing well. I was on the forum and realized I hadn't seen you in a while, so I thought i'd leave a message and check in.
    I could be smart and say you're a Buddhist wherever you are. I say smart, I am sipping a beer...

    On another forum I used to get fed up of the dharma being mis-represented by a theosophist. Finally I realised I could just not respond.
    I like that your title is "Dharmapala". I had thought of changing my title to that last week and just never did :D
    Oh wow, that must've come as a surprise, then!
    How long ago did you find out she no longer was religious or spiritual? Was it insight into how she's become, or did she say something?
    Bah, I live in a poor, working class neighbourhood, that's tame as Hell. :D
    And congrats on coming close to one year. What made her leave Christianity?
    I can understand that, especially if your wife is Abrahamic. Glad things are going well, though. How long have you been married, now?
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