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  • Well you'll find that my view of my own deities as well as any others is not unlike the Buddha's view. I don't believe in any supreme creator god. I believe all personal gods, including the Abrahamic one, are bound by karma, emotions, etc. If they were not then they could not love their devotees and do good for them. That is karma in itself.
    A question for you? Do you think all Buddhists must necessarily be Atheists? I notice in one of my posts you said: I'm a Buddhist, hence I have no gods. What do you base this on? I'm a Buddhist too and I do have gods.
    Thanks. It's been crazy around here. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I had no way to access the internet at the time. Hopefully you'll remember though :)
    Hi matt, hope you're settling in.

    Would you mind if I asked you a question regarding your religious views?
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