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Rainbow Mage
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  • I have learned that there is no actual need to choose one while rejecting others. That said, I have a slight preference for Theravada, Zen, Vajrayana (perhaps oddly) and Pure Land, in decreasing order of affinity.

    But for the most part I see schools as transmission vehicles. One can and perhaps should learn from several and take the responsibility of choosing how to care for that inheritance.
    It is IMO a matter of self-acceptance at both individual and collective levels.

    We are born children, and we seek security. Violence seems to be a way of scaring others into refraining from harming us. But as we mature we learn that it just does not work.

    We can learn that. We can see that it is indeed the truth. And if we can learn, so can others. We should accept the resulting duty of doing what we can to ease others into coming to the same realization, by accepting a measure of harm into ourselves if it comes to that.
    What did you think about my thread on Pope Pius?

    Also, I do love myself but I still agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
    Not at the moment, I did in the past and have had many a fruitful correspondence with Baha'is. I have read many of their scriptures and authoritative texts, my favourite being the Hidden Words :)
    Vejo que está praticando. Por acaso você está considerando comparar edições em inglês e em português do mesmo texto? Me ajudou bastante com a língua inglesa.
    My best friend in high school was also a Satanist. He was also a guitarist, and he and I used to jam together all the time... Hail, Daimon!
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