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  • Hey Kerry , how you doing , it's long time i did not see your comments !!! , i just notice you in "Who's online"

    take care
    To be honest I'd rather actually study in Sweden than online, but the whole moving and everything, and then finding work to support myself seems like a lot of hassle, especially if I couldn't find anything. :cover:

    Astronomy? Nice! What made you decide to do that?
    I'm doing well, thank you. :) Gotta go set out to teach in an hour. Joy... :D
    Haha, I have a short attention span, so it's quickly a case of tl;dr for me. I've sent them another one saying I'd like to double-check. If THAT answer doesn't come back outside of a template, I'm gonna phone them up... wish me luck... :D

    And how are you doing, anyway?
    I emailed them, but I got a standard template reply, which just mentioned that non-EU folk will have to pay... and I'm in the EU... sounds... good? :3
    Min vän! Jag har en kort fråga!
    If I were to apply to study an online course with, say, Umeå University... would I have to pay tuition fees...? ... :D
    Thank you for the frubal.
    Yep, a whole lot of the verses have been purposely mistranslated/twisted in Bibles.

    This is full, that is full
    This full-ness is from that full-ness
    This full-ness goes to that full-ness
    Full-ness is all there is

    There's other interpretations/translations online.
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